Welcome to 2016 for gaming!

Hey everyone. It’s been a while but I’ve been on and off working on my stream and getting pieces of equipment to get it going. So far I got another monitor and the programming part of the stream ready and set up. I still have to get the El Gato device being that most my gaming will take place on the console but I’ve been doing some PC gaming as well as of Recent.


I’ve been playing the game SMITE on pc. It is a 3rd person MOBA online. Basically another Dota/LoL style game but the difference is that it’s 3rd person other than that over head view. So far its been pretty good even though I am not a fan to MOBAs. This game has def made me change my view on MOBAs with the 3rd person appeal. I will be playing this game on and off and I would like to get a bit serious into this game but I only know 1 other person in my crew who plays this game and he is as new as me.

Other games I’ve been playing on pc would be Guild Wars 2. It’s still a bit dry and the major reason I came back is because a few friends are playing but the expansion adding a bow for Guardians also came up which was a huge plus but eventually I fell in love with the Necromancer and the minion build. The way the game plays and feels is still off for me so its not something I will be taking serious.


Now when it comes to my goals for 2016 its basically to get my stream up and going. I’ve done a lot of work recently on my stream and if you want check it out on Twitch.tv/syniax . Def take some time and hit that follow button to stay update with the games I will be playing and future events and giveaways I will be putting out there.

Now the game The Division is coming out soon in March last time I checked on the 8th of this year. This is the game I’ve been looking forward to streaming and I think the beta will be just around the corner from now. A lot of my friends really don’t feel like this game will have any value to it. I am wondering if it will do better than Destiny. Destiny was a quick fix into RPGs but towards the end started to fall apart. This game has some potential and I really hope they don’t screw this up right off the bat even though most games as of recent years just tend to throw out tiny bits of game and expect you to stick around while holding the burger on the rope leading you on.

Anyways that’s my randomness for today. Stick around for more to come. Also for more videos and live streaming head over to twitch.tv/syniax and youtube.com/syniax . Cya around!




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Fallout 4 Review

Hey everyone Syniax here with a Fallout 4 Review.

Took me about a few days to finish up on the main story but I gotta say it was worth it. Each mission feeling like a netflix episode where in which I had to continue on to see what happens next.

My experience with Fallout isn’t the same as others. I actually got into the series a bit late… like a couple of months ago… Don’t get me wrong I played the old school PC ones but when 3 came out I bought it killed people and dropped the game. Now in a better state of mind I actually was able to complete 3 and new vegas with out a problem.

Fallout 4 is a great game and here is why.


The gameplay is basically the same concept you got with Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. They improved on the VATS system where in which the targets still move around a bit but in slow motion to give some edge to the actual scenario. Gunplay in the game is a whole lot better and feels more like a first person shooter than what fallout had going on in the past.



The story is on point. Like I said earlier I had to keep going. I won’t put out any spoilers but it really gets crazy going down some of these story arcs. I’ve only went down one and working on my second playthrough. Even the side quest have crazy little situations that become very interesting.




Graphics are definitely basic when comparing to other games, but the graphics don’t make this game. Content and Gameplay really made this game shine out of the ground. Fallout never fails to deliver quality story content and hours of exploration.


We have a few bugs here and there that happen in the game but nothing ground breaking… I’ve heard of one yesterday thats been posted up here and there. Hopefully they patch that up before I get to that side randomness.


The game is amazing. Its worth the buy especially if you are a huge Fallout fan. Alot of other games have been put on hold and even pornhub saw a drop in their activity on day one… that is saying something about this game.

and that is all!


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Fallout 4! Is out!

Hey everyone real quick! Fallout 4 is finally out and its pretty good… Its basically everything I’ve expected plus more. I will have a video gameplay put up soon with some review inside.

Also if you didn’t catch the stream last night head over right now to youtube.com/syniax to check out the videos of last night.  We had alot of fun with my fiance and I on the stream and those who participated in the chat. I will be doing more later today and will be raiding in destiny tonight. Stay tune!


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November is obscene!!

Hey everyone! Syniax here with the latest randomness to hit the scene. So we got a busy month ahead of us with some games coming out and I wanted to share my thoughts about these games… Sorta of an impressions on what’s coming out.

So we got Black Ops 3 coming out first in line that seems some what relevant. I lost my way in COD. Advance Warfare ruined it for the most of us and I feel like Modern Warfare 2 was the best imo. I might be getting this game towards Christmas time because the other titles take top priority.

This is the game I am truly waiting on. Fallout 4. I never was a fan of the fallout series only because it felt like a serious version of GTA… I would come into Fallout 3 and get out of the vault with the mindset of ok what now? So I would randomly collect objects and kill everyone I ran into who was able to die. This was when it first released. Now fast forward into 2015 I found it for 5 dollars again and said what the heck let’s see what we can do and find out what all the buzz is about… Possibly one of the greatest games I’ve played and I’ve yet to go into Fallout New Vegas… I can’t wait for 4.

After Battlefield Hardline I was emotionally scarred. We needed something better to fill that epic battle scene.. Battlefront did just that. I played the beta and I’ve gotta say to be able to play third person in a big match up game… Priceless… Now if only Destiny would give us 3rd person .

Anyways that’s all for now some opinions and history and these games will be amazing hopefully.

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Walmart Rant: Love hate relationship…

Hey everyone Syniax here again with a random rant and yes it is gaming related in a way. Walmart is usually my go to place if not usually I would go to gamestop but with the time tables given to me I end up at Walmart. I’m glad that the light has shown me to walmart but its only effective at certain times.


From time to time I drop by to check out whats in stock for games and take note and also go online to use their price match option on games. Multiple times I’ve been able to save 10-20 dollars on current gen games and even popular titles like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty. This is my love portion of that relationship for the most part. Cheap games and its just around the corner.


Now my hate part of this relationship is when they think they are slick about certain things when it comes to either price matching or even the availability of the games I am searching for. The way this works is lets say for example I was searching for Dark Souls 2 for PS4 today. Found it online for 29.99 and was ready to go price match them and get this game tonight. I searched in 3 Walmarts I usually go to from time to time… 2 of em I’m basically at all the time. Those 2 had Dark Souls full to the rim when it came down to the PS4 section.  Within 2 days those games just happen to vanish from all 3 locations and no where in a 100 mile radius. The funny part is they won’t tell you what exactly happens to them. They come up with some bs lie on how they happen to sell quick for some reason… or just tell you that they don’t have any more and never go to the back to check… what they got out in the front is what they got..

Now I’m face with the decision… should I just buy it online or just go to gamestop and buy the game for the same price as walmart + shipping and handling… I suggest the gamestop method at this rate. Atleast I get points and better customer service then the walmart….

End Rant.

Syniax out.

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Outlast 2 announced! Just in time for Halloween!

Hey everyone, Syniax here randomly dropping info your way on the latest randomness for gaming. Here we got a video for Outlast 2 that was announced today! Nothing really seen here but the cross and people hiding around… but yes wonder how this game will fair out.

I’ve actually played a little bit for Outlast 1 and its alright for the most part, but not being able to hit things and running around can get scary but at times also gets a bit annoying once that scare factor wears off… I will be live streaming on Halloween night with Outlast and Evil within and possibly Walking Dead Season 1. Stay tune and subscribe on my YouTube channel ( Subscribe Link for Syniax ) More randomness to come! Enjoy the video

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Ebonheart NA Giveaway Vampire and Werewolf Bites


Hello everyone. Trying to get into the art of twitching so I decided to throw up a little giveaway with my ESO characters. I currently have 2 Werewolves and 1 Vamp bite ready to go at anytime was hoping to see if i can get more followers in time to do so.

Rules will be as follows:

  • Gotta be followed on twitch for atleast a week or so.
  • Gotta be apart of the Ebonheart and in the NA server (Sorry EU and the other factions I will work on getting some bites in the other factions later on.)
  • On the night that I will be giving the bite away I will have a stream going. I will ask a series of questions if I have more than one competing for the bite. If I only have one guy on set night…. He or she will win by default.

That’s pretty much it I know I probably forgot a thing or two but oh well enjoy and good-luck

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