Hello World!!! =O

Well here we go…. My name is David aka Syn in the gaming randomness world. I’ve been gaming since I was a kid growing up in the projects with just a hand me down game systems from the God Parents…. lol from nintendo to sega… and at some point got a gameboy from my grandmother and mother,  think my mother loved playing tetris more then I did back then lol.

Anyways moving on, I’ve been gaming for quite sometime. Right now my favorite game genre is MMORPGS such as World of Warcraft and SWTOR. Console wise I really don’t wage into the console war factor because both have great pro’s and con’s. Right now for the “next gen era” I am doing the PS4 dance.

I wanted to start a blog to start reviewing some games and share my thoughts with others. Gaming has been a huge part of my life and at this point I will actually make something of it instead of just sitting on a couch smashing the buttons away. I want to be able to share my experiences through the gaming community and see what other people have to say about the games we play today. Whats your favorite MMO? Whats your favorite FPS? Do you feel that COD is the same game over and over or is it a game that betters little by little and keeps people coming back for more? Who knows… lets see where this blog takes us.Image


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