Gamestop Today?



Hello peoples.

Today was an interesting day but then again alot of my days at this gamestop usually tend to be. The people there are amazing imo compared to most gamestops i’ve been to. Its like your apart of the fam when you come in, then again I’ve known them for quite some times and been to a few midnight releases. Overall they are pretty good people but in a way this is a rant towards the topic of shopping at gamestop. Started off with the factor of Watchdogs.

Today, while talking to a friend about Watchdogs asked me why didn’t i just get the game like i usually do… early or from a different spot instead of waiting on gamestop. Well I wanted to get the game early… but I like shopping at gamestop because of course of the power up card. This is not me trying to pitch the idea of others to go to gamestop but me getting my opinion out there about it. Logically I buy the game at a 59.99 . Overtime I’ve actually got enough points to reduce that price from time to time… IE got Infamous Second Son when it first came out with a 25 dollar coupon off… then at some point when I wanted to trade it in got 40 dollars for it back because of a sale they had with the pre order trade in.
In a way it works for some of us and some people hate that they feel ripped off for paying 60 dollars to come back a couple of days later and the game is worth 30 dollars or less depending on its position in life lol. I find it funny when gamers get upset about the pricing… especially the MMORPG players when they purchase that RUNE BLADE OF THE POWERFUL BUNNY GOD… for like 60 gold… and figure out hey… I like bows now. They proceed to a merchant and the merchant will take it back for 30 or sometimes less… lmao well this is my rant about gamestop anger. IMO it works for me. I love it and the people that work there are epic. Can’t wait for the midnight release of watchdogs… if there is one? is there? o.O



  1. I’m glad you seem to have generally positive experiences from your Gamestop. I can’t say the same personally, their service and pricing are almost always lacking, at least that’s what I’ve found to be the case in my experiences. I usually enjoy going to smaller local game shops, but that’s just me.


    • Yea this is actually the first gamestop that i had a better connection towards. I use to live in NY and never really did the whole gamestop thing unless it was a World of Warcraft collectors edition I was trying to get my hands on. If it was just another PS3/XBOX360 game I would head right down the street from my apartment and go to this “Mom and Pops” Shop as we called em in NY. The plus about that spot was I would get games there up to a week in advance from the actual release date.


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