Watchdogs First Impressions

So last night they had a little midnight release party at the local gamestop. They ordered pizza and got some soda, along with a large tv to play some watchdogs while we waited til midnight.


I got my game and raced right back home. Aside from the fact that it felt like I had atleast 5 codes (really like 3) including the season pass to put towards my psn account the installation was fast and I think when your ingame its still. The introduction was a bit confusing but basically got right down to the point to set the mood for the story itself. When you get into the game your greeted with a few family mechanics of gaming such as picking up items and running around with crouching to stay hidden from your enemies. It was when I had to go camera jumping in this hacking mode that got me all “woah”


So far everything played good with that beginning part with out a problem. I’m not a fan of playing by stealth rules but for some reason it was pretty doable in this game. When it actually came down to the driving, It doesn’t feel right in the beginning. I guess after playing alot of the gta and driving in that game you get use to a certain way of hopping into a car and peeling out. I won’t judge just yet on the driving because they do have more vehicles later on in the game including one you can unlock via Ubisoft – Uplay with units I think the currency is called. Units are earned through progression of most ubisoft games.


Overall the game has been pretty good so far for the time i got in… the only thing that really felt challenging off the bat with the game was the cop mechanics. These guys don’t play and its not GTA when it comes to cops. They will try all the old tricks including some new. I had a mission, in which I had to grab a car that was wanted. The cops were then alerted and started the chase… I thought pssh cops? I got this. I drive real fast into one direction and saw the message escape successful. I thought it was easy. Then I hear a radio voice about the CstOs? I think that’s the correct spelling for it lol. This message triggered yellow spots on my map and they would grow near my location.  Then I figured it out, this is the second phase for finding the badguy. If your caught waiting in that yellow spot and that percentage fills up , the cops will be back on you like white on rice with a helicopter. So you have to keep running and dipping and dodging… Wonder if they have an easier way to deal with that situation lol.


This concludes my randomness….and a mini review of what is watchdogs. I will have more of a review later on during the week hopefully 🙂 stay tune!




    • I respect that. I love open world games because at certain points you just catch yourself doing the most random of acts and yet still playing the game. Giving the game some replay value. One thing i really do like is Fantasy RPGs… the whole science genre with tech or robots or anything semi or full futuristic randomness is a turn off for me at times. It was a love hate with starwars… never really like the series but at the same time i love lightsabers…SWTOR the mmorpg… lol so yea.


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