July line up for PSN Plus games :D

It’s been a while… but heres some minor reviews to make up.

It’s been awhile guys and I apologize. Been doing a buncha left and rights and here and theres. So here we go with a few things I’ve ran into.steam-sale-batman

The steam sale is happening at this point and gotta say not many of the sales really caught my eye in all honesty. Also I really don’t game on the PC. Only games I really bother with on the pc is Warcraft or really anything from blizzard but I did happen to get 2 games:

The Witcher 2:




Both games are pretty decent. I really love the concept with Terraria reminds me of minecraft but better imo. Maybe one day I will give into the craze of minecraft but not today. Terraria with the building and exploring can go on for hours. When my fiance and I grabbed Terraria for PS3 we spent most the night just building away… caught her the next day in mid work building her own little fortress. The Witcher I really haven’t given it much time because I already know story wise this just might be crazy so in time I will be reviewing through the game a bit better but maybe after my list for PS4 sorry guys.


Killzone Shadow Fall has been a decent experience with using the PS4 to its semi fullest. With the OWL robot sidekick you get to use the touchpad here and there. The light bar on the controller actually goes from Green to Red when you begin to lose out on health. The story line actually catches you from the very beginning and towards the end it gets even crazier. At this point this game is around 39.99 so if you haven’t purchased this game, give it a shot, redbox it do something. This shouldn’t be passed up. Also with the new mode in the DLC Intercept with horde mode makes this game a bit more interesting when it comes to multiplayer but won’t put it up there with Battlefield 4 or COD which brings me to my next segment.


Who remembers the whole mess with BF4 on launch? Save games disappearing? Yep this killed it for me I remember playing through it and actually enjoying the story with some laughs and some tears… ( i didn’t cry …) having to go to sleep and waking up the next day to get back to it and find the game file is corrupted or missing. So I gave it another shot and again gone. So i practically gave up and gave it sometime. I recently tackled it with 2 more levels to go hoping my files do not disappear but so far the storyline and gameplay are pretty good. It has its epic moments when buildings are crashing down from time to time. Also the story line has its points where it shines and other moments where its just a great big meh? My point though is these games like COD and BF always hold up because of its multiplayer even though I’ve actually played through some of these campaigns and I feel some people are missing out on them. Going through the BF Campaign with its crazy moments are actually quite entertaining. The sniper mission if you recall from COD the first Modern Warfare 4 really felt challenging in a sense after some time in it. Felt different compared to some of game stories I’ve delt with in the past. So if you have the time away from your clans and friends, give these campaigns a bit of a shot… you might not be disappointed.


MGSV Ground Zeroes: This game looks amazing…plays amazing… but lasted bout 5 minutes. Practically upset with the game length but also I didn’t pay for my copy, my gamestop points did. Really can’t wait til the Phantom Pain drops because in all honesty this game has a great thing going for itself.


Now… I don’t normally rate movies but this one had to go on the blog because of its randomness yet I didn’t know what to expect so here goes. Plot: Picture America with its country allowing for one night (12 hours) for all crime to be legal. Everyone can go killing and looting and what ever they choose.  The way the story goes into its “crazy moments” is with a random act of an idiot… and from their you have your movie killings and all. With out spoiling the parts I will say this, if you are the type to get upset with people in a movie you are watching… this is not that movie. The ending is pretty epic though imo but the way it all goes down is just a bit obscene for me.

This is all for now and all the randomness I’ve been poking around at and mini reviews. I will start doing some more reviews on the games I’ve been going through recently. I will prob get a decent review on Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals soon also. Stay tune everyone 🙂

Infamous Second Son full on review

Hey everyone… lets see how Infamous Second Son did 🙂

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Gameplay in this game is awfully familiar because of its predecessors.  It was a huge nostalgia hit from beginning to end when you found your self hopping off the side of buildings or gliding across town. I have to give credit with the boss battles because in all honesty the game felt right when it came to the whole concept with boss battles and regular mob set enemies. If you recall some enemies back in Infamous 1 gave you more problems than a regular boss fight in a game.  Especially when you met up with them in packs. The balance here for Infamous Second Son was more improved and felt like more complete in that area. The actual gameplay was smoother in comparison to the last 2. Adding in new power sets really kept you on your toes with new skills and new power sets to try out… Felt like Rogue from X-men trying out all these powers…




The story line wasn’t too bad in the long run. You live a life where you like to cause havok in your town from time to time and your brother is a sheriff who is trying to keep you in line. Sounds like a sunday late night movie to me in the beginning. Things get crazy though when you throw in a conduit ( mutant if you are familiar with X-Men it’s almost the same concept) into the mix and then you have Infamous Second Son. Our hero of the story happens to get the powers of this conduit and a group known as D.U.P comes into play trying to get information of the conduit’s whereabouts. Of course things get a bit crazy as the leader of this group Augustine begins to torture the town for answers…. After all that mess some how you are still living and kicking and want revenge…. simplified eh?

She is Evil... =O

She is Evil… =O


Coming from PS3 into the world of Ps4  has really put a few games up there with graphics and performance. This game really looks amazing playing off the ps4. As far as the graphics and visuals of the powers along with how it plays well made everything set well in place for a great experience. From the town to the city you can explore everything looks great.  The way your powers react with some of the pieces of the city for example your smoke powers through a vent shaft and you fly up through a building up to a roof top in a matter of seconds. You can get more air with your TV powers through antennas. These things in the long run make for a great game well put together to keep you going and more interested than the last 2 games.

got wings ;D tv powers

got wings ;D tv powers


Randomness: 3

I gotta say for an infamous game I didn’t expect much. When you saw the game play videos of  Infamous Second Son at first you assumed you were only getting that one fire smoke power. When you actually play out the game you eventually run into the neon power, tv power, and stone power all in time. Each power has their perks and some cons along with it. Made for different types of situations and how you see fit to actually use them.



Conclusion: Pretty decent aka 4

From the gameplay to presentation and everything put together this game came out pretty solid compared to the rest.  You can’t go wrong getting a copy of this game. Also later on the game will be coming out with a new DLC for the story on a character you run into sometime in August 2014.





This is from Killzone Shadowfall… Total fail lmao -_- *death* roll credits lmao

Yes… I do Videos too lmao

I wanted to share a video I recently made through the PS4 through SHAREfactory. It’s a video editing tool that we got recently and its a pretty great addition to the randomness we all call… PS4. So here it is…



Hope you enjoyed my video guys 🙂 comment, share it up… like it… 😀

Destiny First Impression ( Alpha Test )

Where do I even begin…The game is pretty decent but I can’t let the hype rule this mini review. I just can’t lol. So here we go. First thing I noticed when actually starting it all up was that the game is so well put together you have a hard time believing that this is an ALPHA test. Little randomness of knowledge from what I know. Alpha is usually the first phase of testing and it goes into either closed or open beta testing which is almost complete but just got a few kinks. Alpha testing usually is pretty buggy and messy. Playing Destiny was just amazing for an Alpha test that I don’t kno how they can really improve but I am pretty sure they have a few areas to get going…


I want to start off with the fact that the character creation was pretty interesting even though i feel they need some more hairstyles but that’s just me. Creating the character went smoothly you were given 3 races Human, Awoken and Exo. After that you get into a break down for Male and Female for each race and off to face styles and hairstyles and even markings on the faces with makeup or scars. After that you finish up with the creation of the character and they drop you into a planet and you are off on your first and I think only mission in the alpha test. Later on in explore mode you will be able to find random mini missions or side quest or what have you.


Red heads =O We shall call her Pixximus

When you arrive, you are outfitted with auto rifle, scout rifle and a shotgun. Also you start off at level 3 and some basic gear ( Head piece, gloves, chest piece, boots ) Also a class armor, in  the case of the photo you have the Hunters Makeshift scarf Hunter Cloak.


Hunters…huntards? -_- nuuuu

Also with your little arsenal that you are given in the beginning you also have access to a mount or what reminds me of a speeder…


Reminds me of the speeders….of SWTOR

So now bare in mind that at this point any one on your friends list can join you and your game if you already have it open and here and there my friends joined my game and i’ve joined theirs while playing the game in the last couple of days and its pretty interesting. We actually had a moment where my friend and I decided to start exploring certain parts of the map when you go into a map mode called explore mode. You can go to it through the launch section of the game when your on your ship and looking for a destination. We ran into a dark basement like area that nearly lead to our death because we ran into enemies with ?? as levels. If you know what ?? means for a level… You should know to stay away from situations like that… Sadly my friend died…brutally… This game will be interesting to those friends of mine that aren’t knowledgeable in the area of RPGS.

Needless to say, I died trying to get this photo...enjoy

Needless to say, I died trying to get this photo…enjoy

In conclusion to this randomness of an article. This game is pretty well set up. It has alot to look forward to. Also it feels like Halo and COD had a baby… and called her Destiny. With the ambiance of Halo with aliens and the terrain. When it comes down to the shooting mechanics it feels like COD… play a hunter and use your melee… You will understand what I am talking about. So if you got an invite give the game a shot. You will not be losing out. This game has alot of potential and I really hope this one doesn’t flop like Defiance…. lol

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Gotta say this game is looking pretty good. Reminds me of WOW with some guns and all this crowd control they pulled off in the video, take a peek and lemme know what you think

Wolfenstein: The New Order Full On review

Hello everyone… with my randomness going for Wolfenstein… lets see how it did imo

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Ok lets be real its a first person shooter… The game had its great points but overall it felt real basic imo for a first person shooter. You had moments in the game where it felt crazy and overwhelming so you had to run around with the timing… but overall it felt basic. The guns had a nice kick to it at times but the whole dual wielding 2 assault rifles didnt really get to me… felt so “fake” Another part that I found a bit off yet highly annoying was the items. SO many things to pick up off the floor at times having to look down and throwing me off. Didn’t feel all that great. Felt like I was cleaning a room everytime I cleared it out and needed some ammo.. a real chore to get ammo and gear.




The story is something I can deal with, it did pretty decent and you even get yourself a little rival at some point but it had a classic feel to it. The story was a bit basic but still with a twist going back in time and having it that the Nazi’s took over the world and how it would be as far as them in control. It was amusing in one scene where you make a game changing decision and it somewhat effects how the story goes in some occasions in the game but in all honesty the games story wasn’t bad it had its ups and downs, in the beginning it takes a bit to actually get into it but once the story actually kicks in… you will start feeling like you need to keep going to see what happens next.




The game look great but a bit shotty at the same time. I felt they could have done better with the graphics overall to get the game going. The actual storyline was tied in perfectly imo. As far as the shooting it just seem to get things going but not all that great…. It was pretty much put together in some randomness that we have called Wolfenstein… i do give them credit for dropping a little easter egg with the old wolfenstein gameplay. That really got things on an interesting level the moment your fighting through some 8 bit dungeon =O



Randomness: 2

Nothing really blew my socks off with this game. I mean I knew what to expect on every corner when it came to the game… a basic shooter… with random nazi’s and some crazy look robots to take out but really nothing out of the ordinary. To me this was a pretty basic game. Is it worth the 59.99? Maybe if your a fan of the series. I love Wolfenstein and didn’t mind spending the cash on it but for a casual gamer I don’t think this qualifies as the 59.99 game. The story delivered yet the gameplay didn’t.




Conclusion: Meh? aka 3

So overall the game lacked in the area for gameplay. Story wise it was pretty decent yet not quite. As far as presentation I honestly don’t kno where to go with it, looked great and played great yet felt obscenely basic. Wish they could have done more and hopefully we see something new from them on the line of this game with a better presentation…



Battlefield Hardline First Impressions (Beta)

So the day they announced that we would get the BFH Beta on PS4 and PC, I flipped. I was already excited at the fact that we would be able to play a different type of scenario of Battlefield instead of all this war mayhem.


This game started up pretty good aside from the fact that I couldn’t connect my facebook to it but it is what it is.. life will go on. I started the multi player and had some fun with it. Remember the times you would play the old battlefields and spawn on a random vehicle? Well same concept here with a police station and into a squad car with people sticking out the windows shooting the bad guys. The guns overall for Sniper aka the Professional did some actual justice. The Sniper rifle I had and the tec 9 I fell in love with in a heart beat. Keep in mind that this is a beta and things will get a bit glitchy… here is some footage from one of the games I played… Ignore my bad language and my conversations lol! Watch from beginning to end lol the end with the destruction was a bit crazy….

Overall the game is pretty decent. Got a few bugs but it is beta and hopefully they will fix these up before dropping the game on us later this year. The idea and concept is great imo and seems like a lot of fun to be had with game modes like heist.


More on E3

Hello everyone, So like I said earlier before It feels that E3 felt a bit dry on the game releases and what is really coming out this year to the next year but still a piece inside me feels a bit excited for the games coming our way.

(Source: Gamespot)

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Wii U

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360



So what games are you really excited for? Games with that co op fun is what I am really looking forward to. Love playing games especially with my friends and my fiance. Actually sometime by fall I will have to get my fiance a PS4 with the announcement of GTA 5 on PS4 lol. GTA5 was one of the announcements that made us happy….. Dead Island 2 was another one because I really thought the first Dead Island was pretty decent and interesting. Playing with my friends on that game was alot of fun. The major 2 that I really look forward to is Destiny and Assassin’s Creed Unity. I really didn’t care for Assassin’s Creed new game at first… just another game I would pick up and finish it up because I love the Assassin’s Creed series but with the fact that they put out Co-Op into the gameplay with 4 assassins at once…. Its too epic lol

As far as the solo type games such as Batman Arkham Knight and all the goodies they have shown us at E3. I really can’t wait for some of these games. To actually play them on next gen also will also be great. I mean I love my PS3 but I really wanted to get some use out of my PS4. I even quit playing WOW because of PS4. Started getting all my games together and got my collection going. Finished up Watchdogs and Wolfenstein… which reminds me I gotta get that review up… so much randomness with E3 happening.