Batman Arkham Knight delayed to 2015 – CVG US

So it seems that everything is being delayed little by little lol…. well at least we know 2015 will be a great year.


  1. It’s almost like 2014 is becoming 2015 in terms of gaming! Good way to see it glass half full I guess! This was most anticipated game of 2014 though, so I’ll admit it riled me up a bit! Wrote a blog post about it, so you know I was mad! 😉


    • Yea i think I will be writing a blog about this randomness too… going to be hard to get that anticipated gaming blog post up too lol with all these delays… I found out from a friend of mine Witcher 3 was also delayed lol. Hopefully its for the best in all honesty because i feel that the devs should take these things very seriously. Most have lost money for incomplete games… so hopefully thats taken a toll on em so they decided to play these things out safetly


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