Wolfenstein The New Order First Impressions

I wanted to write up something about this game before i went to bed tonight because this game proved to be that interesting. So here we go…


The beginning of the game was a bit bumpy because it honestly felt so basic. Which is good and bad at the same time. I was afraid that the story wouldn’t be interesting also being that I know nothing of the actual series.. A little history lesson for you guys about Wolfenstein:


“Castle Wolfenstein is a 2D adventure game released in 1981 for the Apple II, written by Silas Warner. One of the pioneers of the stealth game genre, it is a game of avoiding detection and managing limited resources while trying to escape from a Nazi stronghold. Combat was allowed, but bullets were precious, and non-violent options were often safer, such as pulling a gun on a guard and frisking him while his hands were raised. A sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, was published in 1984.[1]

Wolfenstein 3D, released in 1992, is a re-imagining of the Castle Wolfenstein scenario in first person with an emphasis on direct combat. Stealth and non-violent options are not present. Silas Warner, the designer of the original Apple II games, was not involved in the development. Wolfenstein 3D is important for popularizing the first person shooter and inventing many of the tropes that became standard in the genre.”  SOURCE :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfenstein_%28series%29


So basically I find myself in a game fighting Nazi’s and heres the twist…. in this version of everything the nazi’s own the world at this point… crazy huh? the story even gets a bit crazy with how things progress from the battlefield and then your being helped out by an old lady and man… as far as the story goes its actually interesting and keeping me in my seat but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for my audience. The game play is pretty decent but at the same time its basic fps randomness… I notice that you get perks along the line and it helps out on the go. The enemies are somewhat basic at first when you get your regular foot soldiers running around trying to shoot at you.. sometimes they seem spaced out trying to find cover to get to you. Maybe in a higher difficulty it would actually be a bit challenging lol I faced off against a robot that which was crazy at first. Then later 2 huge robots… lol I really can’t wait to see what else they throw at me.


So overall the story is pretty good… the shooting is on point yet feels like a basic shooter. At times you can go around stealth or guns blazing coming out with the same basic result for that area. The guns for the most part feel great. Handguns look odd imo especially with the silencer attachment. Graphically the game looks nice and gets gory here and there. Heads blown off and robot dogs being stabbed to death are some of the randomness you will be going through. Also with in the first chapter you make a huge decision that might have some effect on the game… apparently the game separates into two timelines… depending what you do.  Wondering if I will have to play the game twice.. 2 endings? We shall see….



    • Yea so far so good on the Wolfenstein game… I am actually liking it alot more than i thought i would… almost done with it also. The doom beta is a key they give you with the game so you register somewhere and in time i’m assuming they will give us access to the beta whenever that happens. Right now I cant wait for that destiny beta 🙂


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