The PC Master Race… ooo *trembles*

Well this will be short and sweet


For a few years now on every other game release I’ve seen the PC Master race is always there to talk the console wars down… Basically stating they trump all.  This one is a battle of the numbers so hear me out… first off lets get this straight. I am a gamer… Love gaming on Playstation… Xbox… and even PC.  If I can game on it… chances are I really like it lol. I’ve been going through numbers recently trying to figure out how PS4 and Xbox One are doing against each other and started to notice something a bit obscene….  Prob someone has already noticed it before and I never heard of it or what have you but yes… PC Numbers are ALWAYS LOW!


Now more or less I see why I see random sales for pc games here and there. PC isn’t doing to well in the gaming market nowadays with all the randomness that has been going on with consoles… it seems that consoles have really blown pc out of the water and all you can really hear are the people of the pc race still trying to strike fear into console gamers… I really tried to do some number crunching to figure it all out… and from what I got its rare that PC games sell over a million global. Why is it? I don’t know I dont have those answers but I honestly think that gaming is really ment for the consoles nowadays… Heres my stats so far from what I’ve collected and feel free to add on any games you want me to look up to see if PC actually did better… has to be a game that falls under atleast 2 out of the 3 and no… we are not inviting Wii or DS into this mix because gaming on that is a whole different turf imo. Lets focus on the factor …. is PC really the master race? Master race of what? Word and Excel? Home Offices? Work related areas? o.O I recall someone commenting saying how of course PC is the master race because 85% of people in the world own computers… but who really games on em? o.O I can assure you not all are ment for gaming… but then thats just how i see it. Heres my numbers

PC                PS3+4                    Xbox360+One

  •  CODMW2                   .83                   10.35                        13.22
  • Battlefield 3                  2.61                  6.87                        7.14
  • GTAIV                          .81                  10.11                        10.70     <– And they wonder what happen to gta5
  • Mass Effect                  .64                   —–                          2.83
  • ME2                              .36                  1.34                          3.03
  • ME3                              .89                   1.25                         2.88
  • Wolfenstein TNO          .11                       .33                         .19
  • COD Ghost                   .55                   10.2                       10.43
  • Battlefield 4                   .93                   4.54                        4.2
  • Titanfall                          .26                  ——                       2.57


These are some of the ones i managed to snag up some numbers so if you have any games to add onto the mix lemme know and I will try to sort that out… i tried to look up some old games and even compare them with the new games that have high numbers and set some marks in sales….  knowing that COD usually takes charge in these things but then we always knew that fps are better on pc… but it doesn’t seem to be… by looking at these numbers… so yea… little food for thought… I think Consoles are doing great at what they are ment to do… PC Master Race? I don’t think so… Your just a PC… 🙂

Also apologize if the numbers are not aligned right .. =x tried to fix it and it failed oh well =x


  1. This is why I always get a kick out of people saying consoles won’t make it another generation. I did PC only for about two or three years, I ended up switching to console only! Console gaming, in my opinion, is just easier in every way. Good post!


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