My top 5 most anticipated games

Ok lets be real, This year is the “Year of the Delay” Happens every 37 years…. delays across the board for selected items…. lol idk great way to start eh? But yes this year has been nothing but delay after delay it even started up back when the next gen consoles busted out the box. So this little top 5 will be a top 5 overall and not this year because I have a bad feeling that the current games that already got delayed will be joined by others. So starting out with number 5….


5. Call of Duty: Advance Warfare:

This is one title no matter how retarded or well so done over and repetitive the series might seem… I will always wind up getting, Why? because overall you can’t sit there and say that call of duty doesn’t have a competitive player base. Especially now with clans building up from Ghost hopefully will carry over in some way shape or form for the new COD… I use to play alot of Counter Strike back in my ghetto pc days and I gotta say COD comes pretty close to the point where the competition is at for quick pace randomness. Storylines are always dry imo of the game but they do have their moments of shear epicness happening.


4. Evolve:

This one is a big iffy. I love co op gaming its my favorite overall. I love being able to get with a couple of friends and tackling missions or quest together, finishing up campaigns from games like Mercenaries 2 or Halo’s randomness.. Army of 2 was another one. Games of that nature are really excited because its really not about the competition in a sense even though I am very competitive at nature but the whole working together to get something done feels a bit rewarding when you share it with others. This game right here def goes in on that to a crazy extent…. 4 players together to bring a monster down…. they gotta work together and make this work because the monster is actually controlled by an actual player. This indeed will be intriguing to play.


3. Battlefield: Hardline:

I am a huge fan of the battlefield series and love how they can actually stray away from the common cold called Warfare. Some people honestly get tired of war… reenactments of war… future war…  We have been through it all with the titans BF and COD. This time Battlefield took a turn and is it for the worse or for better? Cops and Robbers… stopping hostage situations and bank heist…. Erm Yea count me it =O


2. Batman: Arkham Knight

I gotta say the batman games are by far the best superhero games we got at this point. Wolverine almost had one but eh it was iffy. This game really needs much explanation as to why this is on the list… as most of you know I love batman and anything batman. I mean i paid 200 dollars one day for a joker costume and apparently it was a hit at a party in the bronx…  Taking pictures with everyone and people I didn’t know… way to feel like a celeb for one day. Also.. I heard you get to drive the batmobile…


1. Destiny

This game is huge right now… 500 million in Destiny’s wallet to do what they need to do to become big. Also this is huge on co op in a sense like borderlands was. But this  might prove to be a whole lot better in any case. This game has it all from the CO OP i think up to 4 in a party… to moments when everyone has to come together into one battle and you got i think up to 8 or more… I don’t remember… gotta look up the details… I just kno this game looks like it will be great 🙂



  1. I’ve been waiting for this blog! Very interesting list. Destiny and Arkham Knight at 1# and 2# are fantastic choices (even if Arkham Knight has been delayed until 2015, like you said, year of the delay). As for the rest of your list……well we have different preferences, that’s all! You’ll have to make follow up blogs detailing what you thought of each game as they come out! Great post!


    • Most likely after looking up previews and videos for each game I will be posting them around see if they are any good… don’t want to waste money off the bat for a game that is trash… but atleast i know those games will have some sort of edge on gaming imo…. hopefully… the only one I am really worried about is Evolve…. It was a toss up with that one and Evil Within… I might get either or, they both have the same release date from what i saw


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