The hype build up in gaming

It all starts out with the announcement of a game being release. Somewhere some how they will tell you a new game is up in the air, being developed right now as we speak. They hit us with some screenshots or a trailer that shows absolutely nothing to do with game. Leaving it all up to imagination. This is where it all begins.


With destiny we got the announcement sometime ago last year if I’m not mistaken. They called it many things from MMO RPG shooter. To the next best game that will define gaming because of the people involved with the project. Also we heard that they are dropping 500 million onto this game to get it up in the air and around the world. So expect some commercial in the middle of your Saturday morning cartoons. This game is receiving a lot of attention and most of it is because of us. We all just want the game to drop and we feel that it needs to be now. Everything in your little gaming closet seems to be pointless to play because this is the one game you want to get your hands on.


Destiny can be one of those games that gets a lot of the hype on a random spree but Call of Duty… This game gets all of the hype and hate all at the same time. My group of friends and I who usually would play out the old COD’s would be apart of the hype and hate group. My first was actual COD that I got to play with my friends was COD4 Modern Warfare. This game was everything for me. From modern guns to tons of fun with my friends and taking out the trash talkers from time to time. Over the time the hype was a bit dried up. We all got excited for the next COD MW2. I didn’t even sleep when the game was to come out the next morning at a mom and pops shop I use to go to for all my gaming needs. Came out a week earlier and the guy told me that it would be out that morning. We also starting getting thrown around with the Treyarch of things like Black Ops series. After sometime maybe around MW3 the game was just the same thing over and over… even with Black Ops 2 it just didn’t seem like something you would get hype for because the time for the series has run for so long its not even worth getting crazy about. They had announced Advanced Warfare and from a group of friends that I had for COD… Now it’s just me and maybe 2 people who say ” Oh… ok i might pre order that just because”


Some games get away with the hype so hard and I want to say this one was one that put itself on the hype map really hard. It was announced to come out for next gen consoles when they launched. Everyone started to pre order the game and loved the way it looked and had a new concept in a sense. Then something tragic happens. It got severely delayed. Rumors flying for summer maybe june or late may. From the hype we had for the next gen randomness… we got nothing out of it. towards march and april the hype was building up again for a lot of people. Even the day of the launch for Watchdogs I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Hearing people getting their copies 4 days earlier made me all antsy to get this game in my hands so I can play but when I did… I played a good hour of it and went to bed. The moral of my randomness for this hypeness… The hype goes away quick once you get that game. Most games I’ve played over the time tend to have this insane effect of the hype and leave you questioning yourself over how much you just paid for a game. Its rare for a person not to question the 59.99 price tag. At some point I remember with MW2 we didn’t bother because at that time it was a real fun multiplayer experience. Games like Watchdogs or Borderlands 2 and even  GTA 5 has got so much hype factor put into it but left you feeling like it could have been a whole lot better. Especially when some of these games are incomplete it really takes a toll on the hype. IE GTA 5 without heist mode yet its almost been a year since release or EA with Battlefield4 save bugs that killed it for a lot of people to actually play out the story mode. So hopefully these recent delays are to make these games that we really love and have all this hype build up for…actually be worth it. 2015 is looking good guys 🙂

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