My thoughts on E3

Lets be honest… I was excited to see alot of the games they announced almost most sounded like remakes and now I got some release dates to the other games that are coming out. Between XBOX and PS people are arguing which was the better showing. Obviously to me its all up on opinion for that one. I really felt that both came up dry. Nothing really epic was thrown at us. XBOX had Crackdown announced and that was great. GTA 5 for PS4? and no XBOX that sounds crazy. Battlefield Hardline announced a couple of weeks ago is now in beta on PS4 and PC.


I actually have a friend who is really trying to find a reason to buy next gen and as I review what was said in the conference for Xbox or Playstation… I really felt that upgrading next gen is pointless til 2015. Most of what was announced was remakes here and there. With GTA and The Last of us…. some release dates for Destiny Beta and 1886 Release dates But overall…this E3 really felt dry on both sides.

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  1. I’m still working on my E3 post, but I have to say I agree. It was “meh” all around. I mentioned that this needed to be the E3 where they showed us why we bought a next gen console, show us what we have to look forward to. I noticed a very odd trend, let me know if you noticed this as well, but it seemed like it was less about exclusive games and more about exclusive or timed content in third party games! There was so many get “DlC first on Xbox One, get the Betas first on PS4, lots of exclusive content on PS4, timed exclusives for Xbox One. Play it first on this console, etc.” I wasn’t so crazy about that. It’s all stuff that hardly matters in the long run. Regardless, I have enough games that I know I’m excited about coming up here in 2014 and 2015, so I’m satisfied for the time being. Let’s just hope it picks up quickly.


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