Battlefield Hardline First Impressions (Beta)

So the day they announced that we would get the BFH Beta on PS4 and PC, I flipped. I was already excited at the fact that we would be able to play a different type of scenario of Battlefield instead of all this war mayhem.


This game started up pretty good aside from the fact that I couldn’t connect my facebook to it but it is what it is.. life will go on. I started the multi player and had some fun with it. Remember the times you would play the old battlefields and spawn on a random vehicle? Well same concept here with a police station and into a squad car with people sticking out the windows shooting the bad guys. The guns overall for Sniper aka the Professional did some actual justice. The Sniper rifle I had and the tec 9 I fell in love with in a heart beat. Keep in mind that this is a beta and things will get a bit glitchy… here is some footage from one of the games I played… Ignore my bad language and my conversations lol! Watch from beginning to end lol the end with the destruction was a bit crazy….

Overall the game is pretty decent. Got a few bugs but it is beta and hopefully they will fix these up before dropping the game on us later this year. The idea and concept is great imo and seems like a lot of fun to be had with game modes like heist.



  1. I was lucky enough to get the beta as well, I too thought it was decent. It seemed a lot more fast paced to me, very brisk and action packed. A stark contrast to many of Bf4’s slower gamemodes. Also, it was much more infantry based as well.


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