Infamous Second Son full on review

Hey everyone… lets see how Infamous Second Son did 🙂

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Gameplay in this game is awfully familiar because of its predecessors.  It was a huge nostalgia hit from beginning to end when you found your self hopping off the side of buildings or gliding across town. I have to give credit with the boss battles because in all honesty the game felt right when it came to the whole concept with boss battles and regular mob set enemies. If you recall some enemies back in Infamous 1 gave you more problems than a regular boss fight in a game.  Especially when you met up with them in packs. The balance here for Infamous Second Son was more improved and felt like more complete in that area. The actual gameplay was smoother in comparison to the last 2. Adding in new power sets really kept you on your toes with new skills and new power sets to try out… Felt like Rogue from X-men trying out all these powers…




The story line wasn’t too bad in the long run. You live a life where you like to cause havok in your town from time to time and your brother is a sheriff who is trying to keep you in line. Sounds like a sunday late night movie to me in the beginning. Things get crazy though when you throw in a conduit ( mutant if you are familiar with X-Men it’s almost the same concept) into the mix and then you have Infamous Second Son. Our hero of the story happens to get the powers of this conduit and a group known as D.U.P comes into play trying to get information of the conduit’s whereabouts. Of course things get a bit crazy as the leader of this group Augustine begins to torture the town for answers…. After all that mess some how you are still living and kicking and want revenge…. simplified eh?

She is Evil... =O

She is Evil… =O


Coming from PS3 into the world of Ps4  has really put a few games up there with graphics and performance. This game really looks amazing playing off the ps4. As far as the graphics and visuals of the powers along with how it plays well made everything set well in place for a great experience. From the town to the city you can explore everything looks great.  The way your powers react with some of the pieces of the city for example your smoke powers through a vent shaft and you fly up through a building up to a roof top in a matter of seconds. You can get more air with your TV powers through antennas. These things in the long run make for a great game well put together to keep you going and more interested than the last 2 games.

got wings ;D tv powers

got wings ;D tv powers


Randomness: 3

I gotta say for an infamous game I didn’t expect much. When you saw the game play videos of  Infamous Second Son at first you assumed you were only getting that one fire smoke power. When you actually play out the game you eventually run into the neon power, tv power, and stone power all in time. Each power has their perks and some cons along with it. Made for different types of situations and how you see fit to actually use them.



Conclusion: Pretty decent aka 4

From the gameplay to presentation and everything put together this game came out pretty solid compared to the rest.  You can’t go wrong getting a copy of this game. Also later on the game will be coming out with a new DLC for the story on a character you run into sometime in August 2014.




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  1. My chief complaint with this game was it being so short. Even if you run back on higher difficulties, play different moralities, and collect all the shards it’s still a little on the short side. Because of this, many of the characters are criminally underused, like Fetch for example. Which is one of the big reasons I’m excited for First Light! Good review, score seems fair to me!


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