It’s been a while… but heres some minor reviews to make up.

It’s been awhile guys and I apologize. Been doing a buncha left and rights and here and theres. So here we go with a few things I’ve ran into.steam-sale-batman

The steam sale is happening at this point and gotta say not many of the sales really caught my eye in all honesty. Also I really don’t game on the PC. Only games I really bother with on the pc is Warcraft or really anything from blizzard but I did happen to get 2 games:

The Witcher 2:




Both games are pretty decent. I really love the concept with Terraria reminds me of minecraft but better imo. Maybe one day I will give into the craze of minecraft but not today. Terraria with the building and exploring can go on for hours. When my fiance and I grabbed Terraria for PS3 we spent most the night just building away… caught her the next day in mid work building her own little fortress. The Witcher I really haven’t given it much time because I already know story wise this just might be crazy so in time I will be reviewing through the game a bit better but maybe after my list for PS4 sorry guys.


Killzone Shadow Fall has been a decent experience with using the PS4 to its semi fullest. With the OWL robot sidekick you get to use the touchpad here and there. The light bar on the controller actually goes from Green to Red when you begin to lose out on health. The story line actually catches you from the very beginning and towards the end it gets even crazier. At this point this game is around 39.99 so if you haven’t purchased this game, give it a shot, redbox it do something. This shouldn’t be passed up. Also with the new mode in the DLC Intercept with horde mode makes this game a bit more interesting when it comes to multiplayer but won’t put it up there with Battlefield 4 or COD which brings me to my next segment.


Who remembers the whole mess with BF4 on launch? Save games disappearing? Yep this killed it for me I remember playing through it and actually enjoying the story with some laughs and some tears… ( i didn’t cry …) having to go to sleep and waking up the next day to get back to it and find the game file is corrupted or missing. So I gave it another shot and again gone. So i practically gave up and gave it sometime. I recently tackled it with 2 more levels to go hoping my files do not disappear but so far the storyline and gameplay are pretty good. It has its epic moments when buildings are crashing down from time to time. Also the story line has its points where it shines and other moments where its just a great big meh? My point though is these games like COD and BF always hold up because of its multiplayer even though I’ve actually played through some of these campaigns and I feel some people are missing out on them. Going through the BF Campaign with its crazy moments are actually quite entertaining. The sniper mission if you recall from COD the first Modern Warfare 4 really felt challenging in a sense after some time in it. Felt different compared to some of game stories I’ve delt with in the past. So if you have the time away from your clans and friends, give these campaigns a bit of a shot… you might not be disappointed.


MGSV Ground Zeroes: This game looks amazing…plays amazing… but lasted bout 5 minutes. Practically upset with the game length but also I didn’t pay for my copy, my gamestop points did. Really can’t wait til the Phantom Pain drops because in all honesty this game has a great thing going for itself.


Now… I don’t normally rate movies but this one had to go on the blog because of its randomness yet I didn’t know what to expect so here goes. Plot: Picture America with its country allowing for one night (12 hours) for all crime to be legal. Everyone can go killing and looting and what ever they choose.  The way the story goes into its “crazy moments” is with a random act of an idiot… and from their you have your movie killings and all. With out spoiling the parts I will say this, if you are the type to get upset with people in a movie you are watching… this is not that movie. The ending is pretty epic though imo but the way it all goes down is just a bit obscene for me.

This is all for now and all the randomness I’ve been poking around at and mini reviews. I will start doing some more reviews on the games I’ve been going through recently. I will prob get a decent review on Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals soon also. Stay tune everyone 🙂


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