Wolfenstein: The New Order Full On review

Hello everyone… with my randomness going for Wolfenstein… lets see how it did imo

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Ok lets be real its a first person shooter… The game had its great points but overall it felt real basic imo for a first person shooter. You had moments in the game where it felt crazy and overwhelming so you had to run around with the timing… but overall it felt basic. The guns had a nice kick to it at times but the whole dual wielding 2 assault rifles didnt really get to me… felt so “fake” Another part that I found a bit off yet highly annoying was the items. SO many things to pick up off the floor at times having to look down and throwing me off. Didn’t feel all that great. Felt like I was cleaning a room everytime I cleared it out and needed some ammo.. a real chore to get ammo and gear.




The story is something I can deal with, it did pretty decent and you even get yourself a little rival at some point but it had a classic feel to it. The story was a bit basic but still with a twist going back in time and having it that the Nazi’s took over the world and how it would be as far as them in control. It was amusing in one scene where you make a game changing decision and it somewhat effects how the story goes in some occasions in the game but in all honesty the games story wasn’t bad it had its ups and downs, in the beginning it takes a bit to actually get into it but once the story actually kicks in… you will start feeling like you need to keep going to see what happens next.




The game look great but a bit shotty at the same time. I felt they could have done better with the graphics overall to get the game going. The actual storyline was tied in perfectly imo. As far as the shooting it just seem to get things going but not all that great…. It was pretty much put together in some randomness that we have called Wolfenstein… i do give them credit for dropping a little easter egg with the old wolfenstein gameplay. That really got things on an interesting level the moment your fighting through some 8 bit dungeon =O



Randomness: 2

Nothing really blew my socks off with this game. I mean I knew what to expect on every corner when it came to the game… a basic shooter… with random nazi’s and some crazy look robots to take out but really nothing out of the ordinary. To me this was a pretty basic game. Is it worth the 59.99? Maybe if your a fan of the series. I love Wolfenstein and didn’t mind spending the cash on it but for a casual gamer I don’t think this qualifies as the 59.99 game. The story delivered yet the gameplay didn’t.




Conclusion: Meh? aka 3

So overall the game lacked in the area for gameplay. Story wise it was pretty decent yet not quite. As far as presentation I honestly don’t kno where to go with it, looked great and played great yet felt obscenely basic. Wish they could have done more and hopefully we see something new from them on the line of this game with a better presentation…



Battlefield Hardline First Impressions (Beta)

So the day they announced that we would get the BFH Beta on PS4 and PC, I flipped. I was already excited at the fact that we would be able to play a different type of scenario of Battlefield instead of all this war mayhem.


This game started up pretty good aside from the fact that I couldn’t connect my facebook to it but it is what it is.. life will go on. I started the multi player and had some fun with it. Remember the times you would play the old battlefields and spawn on a random vehicle? Well same concept here with a police station and into a squad car with people sticking out the windows shooting the bad guys. The guns overall for Sniper aka the Professional did some actual justice. The Sniper rifle I had and the tec 9 I fell in love with in a heart beat. Keep in mind that this is a beta and things will get a bit glitchy… here is some footage from one of the games I played… Ignore my bad language and my conversations lol! Watch from beginning to end lol the end with the destruction was a bit crazy….

Overall the game is pretty decent. Got a few bugs but it is beta and hopefully they will fix these up before dropping the game on us later this year. The idea and concept is great imo and seems like a lot of fun to be had with game modes like heist.


More on E3

Hello everyone, So like I said earlier before It feels that E3 felt a bit dry on the game releases and what is really coming out this year to the next year but still a piece inside me feels a bit excited for the games coming our way.

(Source: Gamespot)

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Wii U

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360



So what games are you really excited for? Games with that co op fun is what I am really looking forward to. Love playing games especially with my friends and my fiance. Actually sometime by fall I will have to get my fiance a PS4 with the announcement of GTA 5 on PS4 lol. GTA5 was one of the announcements that made us happy….. Dead Island 2 was another one because I really thought the first Dead Island was pretty decent and interesting. Playing with my friends on that game was alot of fun. The major 2 that I really look forward to is Destiny and Assassin’s Creed Unity. I really didn’t care for Assassin’s Creed new game at first… just another game I would pick up and finish it up because I love the Assassin’s Creed series but with the fact that they put out Co-Op into the gameplay with 4 assassins at once…. Its too epic lol

As far as the solo type games such as Batman Arkham Knight and all the goodies they have shown us at E3. I really can’t wait for some of these games. To actually play them on next gen also will also be great. I mean I love my PS3 but I really wanted to get some use out of my PS4. I even quit playing WOW because of PS4. Started getting all my games together and got my collection going. Finished up Watchdogs and Wolfenstein… which reminds me I gotta get that review up… so much randomness with E3 happening.


My thoughts on E3

Lets be honest… I was excited to see alot of the games they announced almost most sounded like remakes and now I got some release dates to the other games that are coming out. Between XBOX and PS people are arguing which was the better showing. Obviously to me its all up on opinion for that one. I really felt that both came up dry. Nothing really epic was thrown at us. XBOX had Crackdown announced and that was great. GTA 5 for PS4? and no XBOX that sounds crazy. Battlefield Hardline announced a couple of weeks ago is now in beta on PS4 and PC.


I actually have a friend who is really trying to find a reason to buy next gen and as I review what was said in the conference for Xbox or Playstation… I really felt that upgrading next gen is pointless til 2015. Most of what was announced was remakes here and there. With GTA and The Last of us…. some release dates for Destiny Beta and 1886 Release dates But overall…this E3 really felt dry on both sides.