Destiny Beta around the corner

There you go guys… Pre order Destiny and get access to the beta. Best believe it is really worth it. According to the randomness feed people are saying that we will be seeing alot more this time around as far as quest, levels and things to do overall. I am definitely excited to be apart of this experience. I made a mini review of Destiny in its Alpha stages. I still find it hard to believe that was an alpha test. I mean when you go off and compare it to a BETA test for Battlefield Hardline you begin to wonder how much effort is being put into Destiny. After playing Battlefield Hardline, it was a decent game but overall graphics and physics and every other thing was a bit crazy. Felt semi broke. Destiny Alpha test felt like a final piece demo. I really do hope Battlefield Hardline picks it up because in all honesty if Destiny can pull it off, Battlefield should have no excuses imo.

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