Gotham: The Show: The Random Review.



So its been two episodes and so far I am not entirely sure how I feel about the show. It’s obvious we knew it wouldn’t really cut out because of the factor of Batman. This almost seems like a try for what was Smallville but when we really think about it they went and focused on the wrong guy. Gordon.

The shows baseline and build is decent so far even with the focus but in all honesty how long will it keep people interested? We had random appearances by the Joker and the Riddler. Along with a newly made Catwoman. Even got Penguin running around.  I will give the show more time and see how this all goes. Its missing the hero factor of the show even though Gordon is technically suppose to be that guy it really doesn’t feel right because some of us have that mindset for batman one way or another. Anyways thats my two cents in this randomness. Shows usually dont get me til maybe 5 episodes in but we shall see how this all plays out.

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