Ebonheart NA Giveaway Vampire and Werewolf Bites


Hello everyone. Trying to get into the art of twitching so I decided to throw up a little giveaway with my ESO characters. I currently have 2 Werewolves and 1 Vamp bite ready to go at anytime was hoping to see if i can get more followers in time to do so.

Rules will be as follows:

  • Gotta be followed on twitch for atleast a week or so.
  • Gotta be apart of the Ebonheart and in the NA server (Sorry EU and the other factions I will work on getting some bites in the other factions later on.)
  • On the night that I will be giving the bite away I will have a stream going. I will ask a series of questions if I have more than one competing for the bite. If I only have one guy on set night…. He or she will win by default.

That’s pretty much it I know I probably forgot a thing or two but oh well enjoy and good-luck