November is obscene!!

Hey everyone! Syniax here with the latest randomness to hit the scene. So we got a busy month ahead of us with some games coming out and I wanted to share my thoughts about these games… Sorta of an impressions on what’s coming out.

So we got Black Ops 3 coming out first in line that seems some what relevant. I lost my way in COD. Advance Warfare ruined it for the most of us and I feel like Modern Warfare 2 was the best imo. I might be getting this game towards Christmas time because the other titles take top priority.

This is the game I am truly waiting on. Fallout 4. I never was a fan of the fallout series only because it felt like a serious version of GTA… I would come into Fallout 3 and get out of the vault with the mindset of ok what now? So I would randomly collect objects and kill everyone I ran into who was able to die. This was when it first released. Now fast forward into 2015 I found it for 5 dollars again and said what the heck let’s see what we can do and find out what all the buzz is about… Possibly one of the greatest games I’ve played and I’ve yet to go into Fallout New Vegas… I can’t wait for 4.

After Battlefield Hardline I was emotionally scarred. We needed something better to fill that epic battle scene.. Battlefront did just that. I played the beta and I’ve gotta say to be able to play third person in a big match up game… Priceless… Now if only Destiny would give us 3rd person .

Anyways that’s all for now some opinions and history and these games will be amazing hopefully.

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