Resident Evil 7: The Dummy Finger!


Will you get out of the house?!

Recently on E3 they announced this game along with a demo that will be playable at the time of the announcement of the game. Everyone was excited to get their hands on this game as so was I. We ran to the PS store to see if we could download it. Some could and some couldn’t. I’ve waited for a few hours before I was able to actually download it to then not play it at all til Wednesday. I avoided everything related to this game because I wanted a fresh experience. I even decided to stream it via just to see if I got any people to watch me get scared for no apparent reason.

My mind set when I entered this game was that this was a Resident Evil game… How bad could it get..? If you got 5 minutes… Watch this video and see exactly how I reacted…

This game was pretty intense with how some events unfolded and how you can get multiple “endings”. For a demo it got a bit crazy when people told me on twitch that you can get an ax? What an ax!? They guided me and what I found crazy was that you can get an ax through playing the main guy and also the camera guy. (Yes you take the role of two guys in this game at some point in time) The game for the most part is pretty much on point with the scares and having you play more and more to see if you will uncover anything.


What is it?? What does it do?? Is it pointless?! <-

The biggest mystery of them all is this…. The Dummy Finger…Everywhere on the internet you find post about this. Ranging from videos and twitter post, everyone is flipping out about this finger. I’ve noticed it looks like a key on one end others have gone through crazy measures looking at this finger and going in on the game itself trying to figure it all out. I am pretty sure someone will figure it out or even maybe I might… Highly doubt it but its amusing to see what a demo can do to the gaming community at this point leaving us all in question over a finger… an ax… and other items you may find in your experience. I do give credit for the person who first found an ax. I thought that alone was crazy how you can alter the present with a past video tape.

This game is pretty legit at this point and I am very excited to see how this game will fully play out when it comes out next year with VR. Anyways I wanted to talk on that piece of randomness and if you have had any interesting experiences comment below or check out my video on my experiences and comment there. Anyways stay safe and always remain epic…


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