Pokemon Go : My thoughts!

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Hey everyone Syniax here! It’s been a while since I’ve typed up a bit of randomness so here goes nothing. Lately I’ve been stuck on the game Pokemon Go. From levels 1-22 so far this game has been nothing but amazing. Everyone has their opinions on the game so here is my two cents. A review of sorts but at the same time just thoughts and experience.


That moment you realized…There is no coming back

So you basically start-up with this guy. Just like the beginning of all Pokemon games you are greeted by a Professor and you choose boy or girl and how you look depending on the game. Eventually you get to select one of the 3… Charmander Squirtle or Bulbasaur….


Wish they told us about Pikachu earlier…

So remember in the story where Ash was kinda late and got a Pikachu? Guess what…. Easter Egg Alert! You can sorta pull off the same mess with this. If you want and you go around a bit Pikachu comes up and you can select him as your beginner…. The only part about the beginner Pokemon in this game that pretty much sucks is the fact that you cannot power level that pokemon through or have him level with you to keep him going as a main pokemon unless you are lucky enough to live by a Pokemon nest for that particular pokemon. For example if you happen to choose Charmander like I did… after 20+ levels he still looks like this…


Yep… That is my Charmander… Weak… One of the biggest negatives I have for this game is the process of how Pokemon level and gain “CP”. It’s through the candy. Remember the days when we played the gameboy or ds games… feeding candies to the pokemon pretty much was a bad idea. Now its everything you should do. You want to power them up… Candies! You want to evolve em? Candies! I really feel that they could have done a lot better in this department and let us capture a pokemon and use it as a main and continue to level through battles or gym battles or having him play that “Pikachu role” Where he doesn’t want to stay in the ball so he stays behind your avatar and he gains little bits of experience by walking with you.

Lots of ideas for this game and they went with this candy idea… Life goes on at this point but for the most part this game has been nothing but amazing.


Credit to FrozoneUSMC for this pic

Catching Pokemon out in the wild is the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time. The very night this game dropped and we managed to get our main pokemon. We all ran outside in the middle of the dark and started catching them all. Pidgey got it! Rattata got it! Caterpie  got it! Magicarp ehhh… ok fine its a new game Got it!

This game also steps it up later when you get to level 5 and you are able to choose a team… but this is where the game gains its competitive edge…


The biggest decision you will ever make in life.

So here we are tapping on gym icons and we are presented with this. You get to choose from 1 of 3 teams… For some odd apparent reason Team Instinct has become the short bus team of the 3… I joined that team by the way. When you join one of the teams you basically become apart of that faction while others who chose another team will be apart of another faction. Basically Alliance and Horde and the other guys if you are into World of Warcraft.  The Gym battles are another concept which in a way could be fixed but at the same time have been a lot of fun for the most part…


Not very effective!

The gym battles need some fixing at the same time its pretty much doable. You start off with getting to the gym location and if the team who owns the gym is opposite of your team you will fight them with at least 6 Pokemon no matter how many pokemon they have in the gym which kinda makes it a bit unfair. If the gym is own by your team, you are given the option to select one of your pokemon to go through the pokemon of the gym in order to level the gym prestige and make more space for more defender pokemon. You set your pokemon up and you can collect a defender bonus which is 500 dust and 10 pokecoins. I’ve had a lot of fun taking gyms from teams and going back and forth in the beginning but eventually after you collect the defender bonus it gets a bit boring but it’s also a great way to get exp but at the same time run through your potions and your revives.


The game so far has huge potential it has swept the nation in the most ridiculous way. From parks to theme parks to even random locations are populated with Pokemon go players of all types from young to old…women and men….boys and girls….grandpas and grandmas… The game is everywhere! Even the social aspect and physical aspect is amazing with this game.

For a game that was considered by a reviewer a “bare bones” type of game… they obviously miss the randomness portion of the game. Easter Eggs! From Pikachu to the random Eevee name situation. The game continues to shine through out even though some people have given up due to server situations or lack of connection of the actual game. In the future they promise to get out trading which will bring people together and even personal battles.


It’s lit fam… it is lit…

So in conclusion this game is nothing but amazing. It has issues from time to time…frozen balls and server issues… but in all honesty this is as good as it gets for now when it comes to actually living that Pokemon life. It might not be the same with your head stuck in the phone and walking around hatching eggs… but I feel when trading and battling begins to happen, things will definitely get better. Events like the one we saw on Mewtwo… If that’s something they are willing to explore…the game will only get crazier… anyways hope you’ve enjoyed my randomness blog… I think I will be doing a video review of the game at some point. Also No Man’s Sky will be dropping on Aug 9th and I will be live streaming most of that when it drops… I want to live stream my randomness in WOW with Demon Hunters early release but my comp will not allow it… Anyways enjoy everyone and always remain epic!

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