October is a bit lit…

Hey everyone Syniax here with a bit of randomness I gotta share with you guys. So far the month started off pretty decently with the release of the PSN titles Resident Evil and Transformers Devastation for PS4. I was more excited to get my hands on trying out the Outlast 2 Demo which I got a link below for reactions…

Outlast 2 Demo was pretty decent for a demo. Was a bit confused on if that was it towards the end or was there more to be uncovered just like the Resident Evil demo that was showcased not to long ago. Moving on I definitely need to buckle down and get Outlast 1 out of the way along with the add-on… but so much is happen at a rapid rate.. I’ve gotten to that point with World of Warcraft where the addiction is being slowed down only because of the onslaught of games barreling through. One of those games was Mafia 3…


This game I randomly picked up through Red-box and I gotta say… I was very impressed by the beginning of the story. That beginning piece for the story was priceless and crazy and the way they laid it out like a documentary was perfect for story telling. Even when you would fail a mission they would go on the documentary as if you failed. This is a game you need to pick up story wise… even though it goes through repetitive game-play… I for one thought the story help it out as you progressed through the game. I’ve yet to finish it up but I will be picking this back up from Red-box later this weekend to tackle that.  Another game that took me for a joy ride was Dragon Quest Builders…

This game is a blend of Zelda / Minecraft / RPG randomness… This game comes with a basic type of story and with the way building works in this game its pretty neat. It’s kinda basic compared to Minecraft and Terraria but I approve of this game. The story is interesting but hard to tell from where I am at in the game to know if the story will be progressing at some point other than just a boy building things for a better city. I wanna be able to take down the guy responsible for it all! Another game that has been released today is Battlefield 1!

Got some game-play ^ for you guys to see for those who haven’t played it… The game itself looks amazing. For once EA actually delivered a game that actually seems polished and done correctly. I am pretty sure they got a few bugs up their sleeve but nothing ground breaking yet. The multiplayer is enjoyable for the most part. I actually started to get things going once I joined with a friend. Playing by yourself is just asking for a negative KD. The Singleplayer in the game is breathtaking when it comes to the graphics and the design for the game. The way the beginning started with the campaign was amazing… as you died as one soldier you became the next solider and their experience of what they went through in the war… Sweet on the transitions I gotta say.  Anyways another game that took some time to get through was of course COD… Infinite Warfare… The Modern Warfare campaign also dropped… Which I haven’t gone through yet… might pop that off tonight Twitch.tv/Syniax <- that’s a maybe ;D . Infinite Warfare on the other hand with their beta… I felt a certain way about it. Its rough getting into COD the way its shaped since Advance Warfare. All that jet propelling and sliding and what use to be fun becomes just retarded. Yep life goes on.. Anyways this is Syniax and I am out!



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