2016 for Gaming coming to an end…

Hey everyone! 2016 has been an intense year for gaming. Seems we got a lot of good games that came through overall this year. I am impress with most of them and some of them def did not do much for me. Other games…well never seen such disappointment but we hope they can redeem themselves from the pits with some DLCs.2016-games.0.0.jpg

October going into November was also brutal for gaming as the games came out back to back with COD and Battlefield along with Titan Fall. The list kept going on and on. After Thanksgiving the games all dropped which was a first for me. I probably didn’t notice this last year if it did happen but this was the first time I saw that games that had just came out even COD games got prices cut in half. COD even went for a $1 deal at Gamestop one day if you traded something decent in. It was chaotic.


Hell even the deals now are still going for random games. I just came back from Gamestop and purchased Dead Rising 4 for 29.99 and it came with a free snow globe… So legit! That game just came out not to long ago if I remember correctly… Oh and I got the Xbox One… Pretty good deal with an extra controller of choice and 30 dollar gift card I was pretty happy. I know I’ve said my fair share of Xbox but overall their online game play is alot better I would have to admit and their controllers feel better IMO. Playstation has definitely taken the steps to be the better console overall but I got enough love for both of these consoles. I plan on purchasing most of the exclusives on Xbox and maybe here and there I might get something on Xbox instead of Playstation.

Anyways 2016 has been a great year for gaming. Stay tune for the podcast which will always be uploaded to YouTube.com/syniax for the next episode where we will talk about our game of the year choices and some that had some potential but didn’t make it. Enjoy!