Welcome to 2017…Late but that RE though

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing this year so far? Games are again pouring out little by little with releases like Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts 2.8…. I’ve yet to try out the Kingdom Hearts game because I am waiting on 1.5 and 2.5 to come out for the PS4… Til then I will just have to be patient. Anyways Resident Evil while a familiar title came with a whole new twist… I won’t spoil any stories… but this game took the whole name and brought it back to what Resident Evil 1 and 2 was about… that fear factor…


Get your depends ready…

Resident Evil 7 brings the game back to it’s roots with all the scares and jumps and bitching out you can do in a gaming session. What even drives it to a crazier level is the fact that it is compatible with Playstation’s VR. Putting the PSVR on and playing this game brings you right into the house and into the seat of Ethan and other Survivors while playing this game. At one point I suggest that this game is scary with VR and with out you will be missing out on the experience. I still hold to that factor but at the same time I’ve played the game with out VR and felt just as fearful.


Welcome to the Family…son

Through out the game you meet multiple people of the “Family” and try to unfold the very fabric of what the actual fluff is going on in this place. I would love to dive in on each member of the family but again that’s giving away a few scares and a few details. I will say though that the family for this game is the perfect way to get Resident Evil 7 rolling. Watching as the man of the family would walk around the house looking for you and even when the mother of the family would try to hunt you down kept you wishing that you never got that message from Mia. Ah Mia? She’s the reason why you came down to this house in the first place. Apparently your wife…. disappears for some odd apparent reason and sends you a video message. You in turn come out to Louisiana ( I think that was the state) in search for your wife…Mia. (Apparently she was missing 3 years…wow)


The Kitchen Killer…

So I mean if you are someone who can put 2 and 2 together pretty quick you will see what is going on the first time you lay eyes on Mia… The Kitchen Killer… Do you recall the Kitchen Demo for PSVR? Yep… The moment I laid eyes on this victim of lord knows what goes on in this house type of crimes… I remembered… This is that trick who stabs you in the leg in the PSVR Demo. What happens in the game with you and her, well that’s an adventure you should embark on.

I will say though that this game is worth getting your hands on. Easily about 10 hour adventure and can be done in less… Plays like a regular Resident Evil game once you get past the first couple of hours. The game is scary and does a great job putting that fear into play. I recommend you pick up a copy at your local shop or getting this on redbox for a good weekend. Anyways this is Syniax signing out with my randomness and random opinions… I will upload a video version of my impressions and take on Resident Evil soon…


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