Another comeback? Giveaway this weekend?

Hey everyone! Syniax here once again trying to bring some type of consistency in my podcasting and streaming. At this point I am working on getting my twitter verified and going for Twitch Affiliation… or at least that’s what its called…. I think? Anyways moving on forward with this year, things are actually looking good for gaming. I have a few games that I am actually interested in playing this year. Starting with…

Destiny 2:


So excited…I just can’t hide it?

This is one game I really can’t wait on. I am basically done with Destiny at this point in time. I do however need to work on my flawless raider and platinum this game. However my excitement towards Destiny 2 cannot be contain. New adventures and new raids with old and new friends and of course the Royal Guardian Corps . This year will be huge for Destiny in my opinion and hopefully they don’t let us down. Another title I am looking forward to this year is…

Super Mario Odyssey:


Mario Lost in New York?

Now for Super Mario Odyssey… Hmm? Not going to lie, I don’t know what I am getting myself into. I just know that this is a game on the newly released Nintendo Switch and its Mario. Gotta have a Mario game for your new console am I right? Mind you the game comes out later this year during Winter… the console released in March. Nintendo seriously? I gotta wait all  year long just to get my hands on Super Mario? Meh if that was the case why not just get Virtual Console going already so I blast my wallet at all the Super Mario games… Anyways moving on.

Assassin’s Creed:


Is this legit?

So apparently we finally have an Assassin’s Creed game coming out, yet I haven’t finished Black Flag because of the boat battle system… hate it (imo) The system after getting use to is alright but all in all I love being an assassin on land. It is tons of fun. In my opinion I felt they took away from that experience when it came to Black Flag with all these boat fights. At some point in time I will take the time and actually beat this game along with the other titles, Unity and Syndicate. Overall I love the Assassin Creed series and I hope this next installment won’t let me down like Black Flag did.

Alright that was pretty much everything that I am actually looking forward to this year… I do have other titles but not worth the typing and pic hunting. This weekend I will be doing a stream and handing out 20 dollars toward PSN or Xbox or Steam… which ever the winner chooses. I will have more details later on by Friday when everything is in order. For more details and updates follow me @Syniax on Twitter and also follow me on Twitch.Tv/Syniax to hold your spot in the giveaway! Anyways I am out and always remain epic!

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