First Podcast Topic?

Hey everyone! It has been a while! I feel like every time I post onto this blog its always the same thing. “It’s been a while… I haven’t been on forever…” Or any other way to say that… I really need to be consistent on my blog being that I am paying for the domain.

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So I’ve been talking to a few friends of mine and how we will introduce this new podcast. We did try and I think its still up on iTunes somewhere floating in the interwebs. For the most part I felt we did pretty decent but we really had no structure. After listening to a few podcast, I feel a bit more knowledgeable in the area of podcasting. We spoke on the structure and how we will present these topics over time. A topic I really want to get into is loot boxes…

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The amount of controversy on the topic of loot boxes in gaming is amazing. It can go both ways in my opinion. Is it a good method? Is it gambling? Is it profit to the company to keep games at $60 bucks? So many questions and so many issues at this point in time. I will be doing some reading about this topic and we will be tackling it in the first show along with current events in the gaming word… Like favorite articles of the week before and other topics of that nature. Maybe movies might be added in? I don’t know to be honest but if you the listening public have any ideas or topics that you wish to see discussed in the Project Syniax Gaming community, let me know! Comment here… Comment on Facebook… hell you can even tweet me @Syniax . Let’s get this ball rolling and build up on this community! Anyways have an a great day and always remain epic!


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