Sea of Thieves….10% of a game?

Hey everyone! Been a bit since I’ve put my random thoughts on my blog about games so here I go again coming out of the shadows!

So here we got the next exclusive game for Microsoft’s Xbox console. I was really excited about this new game coming out especially after they canceled Scale Bound. Xbox apparently hasn’t been doing too well in the exclusives department. They pretty much kept bringing games to the table that Playstation would bring so the battle between the both almost seemed pointless. Might as well just go for the system who has the bigger audience at this point or if you are civil , just go for the console you feel good about and have friends to play with.

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Sea of Thieves had a few beta trials and a closed beta session at one point. My friends and I managed to get into the stress test rounds of the closed beta.  We actually did have some fun with the time we had getting on the ship and heading out for our first few quest. When the game came out we all grabbed gamepass to get our adventures going and we even had a crew of four in order to get the most out of our experience.  What happens next… is just miserable.

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Of course we start off with the midnight login situation that some are familiar with games like FFXIV and World of Warcraft. Eventually we all get to log in and we get to the character selection section. The way they decided to go about this was that you have a wheel of pirates you get to choose from…. presets if you will. You select one of these pirates or hit the trigger button and you get to select from a new set of presets. For some odd reason they felt that we didn’t need a customization portion for the characters we wanted to invest time in. Instead select a preset and you are good to go. Took Badical some time…. and after that he wasn’t happen at what he got. I got mine in 2 resets and wish they could have done better. Eventually we select our characters and begin the questing.

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The questing was another issue all together. You go ahead to one of the factions and select from the 3 quest that are available to you. At the time we only knew about the Gold Faction so all 4 of us grabbed the same 3 quest and we headed out onto the ship. The concept of getting on the ship, voting for the mission and heading out was pretty well set. Eventually we all had roles in the ship like Badical steered the ship while I read the map and between Grim and Sky they messed around with look out and sails. We pretty much had everything figured out for the most part as far as getting to where we needed to go. We finally get to the land with our treasure… kill a few skeletons and grab the box and head out to the next island…. from island to island grabbing our treasure boxes. Eventually we got everything together and headed back. At one point we did run into an island and almost sank. Patched up the ship and we were ready to go. When we returned to the island outpost we went to turn in the quest and we got some gold and some ranks with the faction.

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It was all fun and games til that point. We all got paid the same for the most part but for some reason I still had the quest in my log along with my fellow pirates. Badical had his cleared out due to the fact that we basically did his missions. We actually had no way to delete the missions which is a huge negative… Took watching a video to figure out how to get rid of quest you already did with friends or quest you didn’t want in your log.  After this bit we all decided it was a late night and logged off..

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The next morning I decided to go on some solo missions my self to see the game for what it truly was and boy I was disappointed. 3 factions.. you do treasure hunts, bounties or gathering quest. After that you have really nothing else. Their progression system is basically all cosmetic with some ranks. They have 2 world events which is the hydra and the raid that happens on skeleton islands and that’s basically it. You can explore around see if you get lucky and find some randomness in the ocean or out on some random island but for the most part that is basically it. The game and its content is basically minimal at this point. They will add on more content later on but at this point its not worth 60 dollars. Better off paying for the gamepass and playing it through that. I had a feeling in the closed beta sessions that content was going to be and issue and I am glad I canceled my order for that game.

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Don’t get me wrong. If you got a good group of people you can do multiplayer games with this might be alot of fun for that group and getting into all types of randomness.. But for content and being apart of something you want to major in… don’t waste your time. You got Far Cry 5 with Co OP and A away out coming out soon and that is more worth your dime…. Enjoy my opinions or don’t have a nice day! Always remain epic!

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