First Impressions on Fallout 76

Hey everyone Syniax here and I gotta say after I just finished up with Fallout 76 Beta, I am not impressed. You’ve probably heard this from many youtubers and reviewers but here is my two cents on the matter.


And here we go…

So I started up my stream with my new beta entry into Fallout 76. I was hype about it and I just got a new desk for my profession as a streamer and entertainer. One step at a time right? Anyways moving on, Starting this game up and going into the character customization I was a little confused on how everything works and if we were limited or not.


It seems that we got a decent selection of choices when it comes to what you want to look like in your adventures. Moving on into the world was where things seem all too familiar and it really just felt horrible the whole way. Going in and fighting with my guns or melee felt exactly like how Fallout 4 was. Seemed like Bethesda didn’t even try to do anything with this game… Just gave us a huge map and through a few people who don’t even appear until a few quest in. Mind you we get no human like npcs… just robots who wish humans existed again.

fallout762.PNG      In one mission I was told to find someone and when I found them they were dead by the water. Kesha had a tape I could listen to that went on for like 30 minutes. I lost interest after the first five that this person kept going. It’s almost like this person knew that they would die and I would come up on their corpse to continue their work… This game felt like a super water down version of the Fallout Series. This reminds me of when Bethesda said we will release Elder Scrolls Online… another super water down version of Elder Scrolls Series. The game even had frame rate spikes which got annoying after a while mind you I was gaming on a PS4 Pro.


Overall in my opinion this game itself is critically injured. I don’t why the devs went in this direction when it came to Fallout and why did they take a lazy approach. I feel that this game is ultimately a cash grab to fund for hopefully a possible Fallout 5… We shall see… This game is not worth your 60 dollars. Alright this was your PSA from Syniax and I am out! Always remain epic!