Resident Evil 2 Remake. Done.

Hey everyone! Syniax here with another blog/half-ass review on the game Resident Evil 2. I remember when around the time Resident Evil 2 Came out the only games I cared about was Final Fantasy games and Resident Evil games. I was so obsessed with the ins and outs of both of these franchises. I could go on and on about Final Fantasy but this blog today, it’s about Resident Evil.

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I remember playing the original one on the Playstation one and thought this was one of the greatest games of all time. When they finally released Resident Evil 2 I had to get my hands on it. I begged with my grandmother to get me this game for the longest time but I did the same thing I did with Final Fantasy 7 and was use my allowance to rent the game to death and have the guy at the little video store just give up on me and give me the game with all the inserts and case. The same thing worked for Resident Evil 2.

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I remember playing this game over and over and trying to see if I can beat my original time and a friend of mine was in a league of trying to do the same. Trying to finish the extra modes including the Tofu one. Now fast forward into 2019 and they released the remake version and wow, just wow! I am truly amazed at how they redid everything from the ground up and basically kept the game intact. What did bother me though was some of the small things that I wanted to see in the remake but what I thought at the time didn’t really make it. Such as the shotgun guy. Apparently, he makes a whole new appearance that I won’t spoil.

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The gameplay of this game is amazing. It almost feels exactly like playing Resident Evil  7 but in the third person. The reason why would have to be the RE Engine that is being used. UI and movement are basically the same. You can’t move to fast and keeps it at a certain pace just like Resident Evil 7. What they kept from Resident Evil 7 was the lighting and feel of an actual horror game. After the previous installments of Resident Evil 4-6 going into the direction of an action horror game. You couldn’t help but miss the terrifying moments of Resident Evil 1-3. Luckily with this remake, they brought it back and we can only hope for more down the road.

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The story is practically the same with a few things changed around for a smoother experience. The part I really loved most about this game was how it captured the same game back in 1998 and was able to put it on a modern level that fans and newcomers can both enjoy. Capcom has definitely set the bar when it comes to remakes. Hoping that Nintendo takes notes on that remake of Link’s Awakening. In my opinion, they should have done a BOTW look with Link’s Awakening storyline and randomness. I completed this game and I still go back to it from time to time to play because it is so good. I should concentrate on my backlog though.

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The next game that was in my backlog was Ratchet and Clank but being that I love to procrastinate, I finally got to writing this blog and now I gotta write Ratchet and Clanks blog soon after since I already beat that game.  The game I am actually playing as game #5 is Minecraft Story Mode. Stay tuned for another blog with yours truly. Always remain epic!

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Kingdom Hearts 3. Done.

Hey everyone. Syniax here with another blog post and trying to remain active just like I said I would. This one is about Kingdom Hearts 3. A game that was technically not in the backlog but I had to get it done once it dropped. This game was truly amazing but at the same time, I felt it could have been better in some areas and other areas were completely unnecessary.

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So let’s start off with the bad of this game in my opinion. One of the things in the beginning which I thought was cool that got really repetitive quickly were the attractions. These are skills that you gain over the course of the battle which turns into a little mini cinematic. For example, one attraction is you summon a pirate boat that swings side to side attacking the enemies with water splashing or the boat nailing them. You can skip or possibly turn off the cinematics but the attack in on itself is cinematic which takes you from the fighting and combat that you are familiar with when playing with Keyblade wielders.

Sora aux commandes du Pirate Ship. - Kingdom Hearts 3

Other attractions put you into a seat of a blaster cannon, wherein which you shoot enemies with a blaster vehicle and again taking you away from the actual keyblade gameplay. It also tends to make some of the battles a bit easier once you were able to trigger such an event but that could easily be remedied by increasing the difficulty.

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The story was pretty good. It’s really hard to go into detail about the ending and a lot that was going on without giving out spoilers but the game was pretty good when it came down to its story. It keeps you wondering and also giving you tidbits of the past to keep you informed about what is going on and your mission in the game.  They also have a video for you to watch to brush up or even catch you up on the series but that didn’t do too well as far as information. It got the surface details out of the way but as far as deeper situations it didn’t really cover in my opinion and from what I remember.

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The combat was amazing. Each keyblade had its own skill set wherein which you can summon new powers for each keyblade depending on which you were using. My favorite would have to be the keyblade obtained from The Carribean. Its first skill you can use is “Highwind” and turns your keyblade into a spear. Immediately it clicked for me as an easter egg paying some respects to Cid who is known to use a spear and also flies the Highwind.

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The one thing I will say that was a huge improvement for me was the gummi ship scenarios. Finally, they made it where you don’t have to deal with it so much to get from world to world. And even if you had to do combat it was actually a lot better than its previous renditions.

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Overall this game is amazing. The story amazing and the combat amazing. Some areas could have used a little bit of work but overall, epic! Anyways I am out and will be getting that Resident Evil 2 half ass review out soon! Always remain epic!


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