Back with a Vengence?

Hey everyone… I am back once again. Not gonna lie I saw a charge on my card renewing my site name and hosting. I won’t say that I forgot about my page but I will say that it has been a while again since I’ve updated this. With everything going on in life, work, wife, kid, cat, life… I have been trying to maintain beating my record of 2019 and 20 games done. I got off with a strong start this year for 2020 but with Covid-19 running around and most of us having to stay home. I got my schedule reduced so I have a bit more time to game. Usually, I get about a good 3 hours a day on my off days now.

I usually take 2 of those hours from 1 to 3pm Tuesday through Friday and I stream on . I’ve been streaming games like Modern Warfare and FFXIV. Also streaming the games I am trying to complete. Currently working on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. I recently finished Far Cry Primal and I might a little peace about that and my two cents on being forced to play a full game when I feel like I should only play the main story… but that’s a different topic altogether. Right now I am currently at 15 out of 25 games I want to finish this year. I plan afterward to just take it easy with gaming and put some time into playing games like FFXIV get my social life somewhat a jump start.

I usually don’t hang out with people out in the Florida area and it’s very rare if I do. Most of us play games together for the most part and I have friends from New York that I love playing games with. I would like to maintain those social aspects of life if I can. I have been brushing away a lot of people with this 25 game goal when it comes to multiplayer games. Part of the reason is because of the 25 game goal. The other part is basically watching an almost 2-year-old destroy my office and everything in the house so I gotta keep eyes on her all the time. Don’t get me wrong shes a blessing and a half but she is a handful and If I am trying to squeeze an hour or two of gaming while having her around I gotta get a game that I can pause. I can’t be in a party game and letting people down mid raid because I got my responsibilities. So I choose to play single-player games mostly.

Anyways enough with the life randomness and what is going on. My goals this year are obviously the 25  games first. I feel like I am on a roll when it comes to that goal as of right now with 15 games. Currently, I have Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the side for my Nintendo switch that is going smoothly so that will add on to the number. Also, I have a few Playstation VR titles that I want to look into since I have the free time from 1-3pm most weekdays. Blood and Truth is a lot of fun but also just 5 hours. That makes for a quick game to knock out. After all, this is said and done I would like to start 100%ing / Platinum my games on Playstation. It’s pretty obvious that I favor the PlayStation over Xbox so I will be focusing my trophy hunting at some point but in a casual way while streaming games like FFXIV and Modern Warfare depending.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by to read my bit of randomness… again I will try to maintain blogging and possibly vlogging. Goodnight and always remain epic!