Synful Take! Stranger of Paradise :FF Origins

Hey everyone! So, few things first! I got my new keyboard and hopefully this will keep me motivated to bring out more blogs. It’s a bit on the tiny side which is a good thing as far as having some space on my desk finally. I had a huge ass keyboard that got drenched in coke zero. The keyboard isn’t the real reason why we are here typing away. It is Stranger of Paradise FF Origins. This game on average got around a 72 on Metacritic which is decent and that sounds about right. Bullhead and I pretty much went through most of the game together. We also completed it and got the platinum on it, closing out that chapter of gaming.

Overall, the game is decent. I had a lot of fun with the Co-op aspect. It was a standard create a room or invite into the room but drop in and out could only happen while near a save/cube point. A huge negative that I found during the co-op was how things were set up as far as characters. For example, if Bullhead was Jack, the main character and I joined up on his game, my character would be one of the other two party members that he already had preset. Now here is the split, the gear you carry on your main would transfer with you as you play with friends as the second or third player in party. However your character would wear on a cosmetic level, the armor that your friend has equipped for that character. So the entire time you are collecting new armor, you will continue to look the same if you are not Jack.

The game was more on a linear pattern with confusing maps down the road the more you progressed. It was mission based, basically you select a mission, and you get dropped into an instance. After going from games like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring it was a decent change of pace but at the same time felt very limited in what it would offer. It made that back up when it came to the combat and job systems.

Stranger of Paradise offers 28 different classes. Sounds like a lot right? It gets even better. The game also offers up several weapon types for those classes changing out the skill sets you can use. For the most expert classes you can actually mix and match some weapons while also having two classes equipped which can be changed with a push of a single button. The story of the game was were things became divided for most audiences. I personally liked the story because it had such a cringy vibe to it. It was an odd sense of comedy that came with how Jack carried himself in most missions. One train that he exhibit had me in tears because every time someone wanted to explain something to him he would ignore or interrupt the other character. Most games the protagonist would listen and be respectful even if it was the enemy talking.

Overall, the game was alright, I would have to say 7/10. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy content, definitely give this one a shot. It’s not the greatest game but it’s alright for what it tried to accomplish. Anyways always remain epic! Have a nice day! Also, if you want to catch me live, I am live usually on midnight Friday – Monday.

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