Switching it up!

Hey everyone! So I recently tweeted about how I will be switching up the schedule of what I stream on my channel. Pretty much I am going back my modern ways because its  what I enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong I love my retro but I feel like I am not getting my current games done and replaying a lot of the old ones that I’ve finished years ago. With the coming storm of E3 announcements and the library of PS4 / Xbox One games I want to actually play and finish I keep finding myself playing games from when I was a kid. So now I want to organize myself with a new schedule on what shows up on my streams and when. With games like Devil May Cry 1-3 HD sitting in the PS4… and the rumor announcement of Devil May Cry 5 coming soon…. I had to switch it up

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When are you going to play with me David…

So what I am planning to do for the most part will be Sun Mon Tues Weds will be the time for the modern games or games I actually want to finish. Thursday will be ThrowBackThursdays and will consist of games that are from my child hood such as the Zelda series I am currently doing. This will be a better way of trying to get games out of the way in my library that are currently just in idle such as Devil May Cry and Ratchet and Clank. Also looking forward to the new Detroit become human. The moment I find that for sale/pre-owned I will def move forward with that.

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Anyways I will be trying this format out for a while to see the reception. Anyways this is Syniax and I am out! Always remain epic!

Taking it back…

Hey everyone! Syniax here with more randomness! This time it gets crazy. I use to think my backlog in my ps4 and ps3 section was getting out of hand and eventually I added in Xbox One. Now it has increased ten fold and it didn’t even cost that much! Sounded like a commercial here but I will explain.


So sometime ago my wife got me a PS2 with Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerebus…. Hooked it up to the tv and started going ham… This didn’t really do much as far as my retro addiction goes but it sure was a start.

Eventually I decided I wanted to own the original PS1… and so I did… after that I race to get 3 epic games right off the bat and surprisingly they were cheap. Final Fantasy VII VIII and IX. Eventually I got a few more games but the library of games for that system was crazy so in due time I will eventually complete my collection again for PS1.

So eventually I was collecting random games for the PS1 and PS2 and it felt like I was putting myself together again. Long story short back when I use to live in Ocala, I use to actually own most consoles growing up. Nintendo, Sega, PS1, Original Gameboy. What happen was I had to stay in New York for a year not of my own choice and I left everything basically behind except my Gameboy Color…. Everything else burned down in a fire that started in my room with a short in the wall. Yep I was devastated to find out my  prized possessions were gone instantly.  Of course I was happy that my family was good to go but yea… When I got back all I had was a PS1 I had got from my family in New York and my gameboy color. I don’t know what I did with the PS1 but that disappeared at some point. Moving on though!

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Next comes the part where the craze went in all thanks to my lovely wife. My wife one day decides she wants to treat herself. She deserves it. Hard working woman and always going through great lengths to make sure everything is on point at home and at work. So yea it was about time she actually treated herself to something. She got a samsung tablet. Pretty epic 10 inch tablet where she watches youtube in bed now. She also decided to treat me back to my childhood though that day.

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She got me the N64 (Which I have never owned… and Only played 2 games Zelda Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask) and the original 1989 Gameboy! The N64 came with no games but I was so happy to get one… so excited to get a game or two the next day! I even looked for recommendations online from my friends on facebook…. apparently everyone I know was playing N64. I was playing Counter Strike at the time. As for the gameboy I found my old copy of pokemon blue and started to play! The next day I went out and got some games for the n64 and went ham!

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Now I thought I was good for the time being… collect a few games that I really wanted to play back when N64 was going around… but my wife didn’t stop there. One day she decided to get me the Sega Genesis. Sega Genesis was pretty much my kid stage of life console along with Nintendo and Gameboy. PS1 I would say was my teen years and at some point I had a PS2 but not many games because I was addicted to the internets and mmo like games. Happy with the Sega I decided on building my library even further… my mission to collect pieces of my child hood and even pieces that I never got to experience for myself. This is when I found the Gamecube!

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Of course on our journeys we got other items such as Super Mario 64…(Never played) and Superman along with a gameboy color for my wife and Tetris. I will also complete Xenosaga Episode 1  2 and 3 in time.

Anyways that’s what I’ve been doing with my time and I decided to reinvent my channel a bit to basically support these retro games. Its fun playing the new games from time after time but I really love the experience I have playing retro games. My channel saw more growth over time playing the old school resident evil games vs when I decided to play Destiny 2 which at the time was a popular game but of course the community I had didn’t want to see Destiny 2. They wanted more of the old school concept… Lost out on most my viewers because of it. I feel that I get a better response with retro and the community are better people overall. So I will continue to play retro and we shall see how this goes over time. Anyways I am out! Enjoy and always remain epic!

Sea of Thieves….10% of a game?

Hey everyone! Been a bit since I’ve put my random thoughts on my blog about games so here I go again coming out of the shadows!

So here we got the next exclusive game for Microsoft’s Xbox console. I was really excited about this new game coming out especially after they canceled Scale Bound. Xbox apparently hasn’t been doing too well in the exclusives department. They pretty much kept bringing games to the table that Playstation would bring so the battle between the both almost seemed pointless. Might as well just go for the system who has the bigger audience at this point or if you are civil , just go for the console you feel good about and have friends to play with.

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Sea of Thieves had a few beta trials and a closed beta session at one point. My friends and I managed to get into the stress test rounds of the closed beta.  We actually did have some fun with the time we had getting on the ship and heading out for our first few quest. When the game came out we all grabbed gamepass to get our adventures going and we even had a crew of four in order to get the most out of our experience.  What happens next… is just miserable.

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Of course we start off with the midnight login situation that some are familiar with games like FFXIV and World of Warcraft. Eventually we all get to log in and we get to the character selection section. The way they decided to go about this was that you have a wheel of pirates you get to choose from…. presets if you will. You select one of these pirates or hit the trigger button and you get to select from a new set of presets. For some odd reason they felt that we didn’t need a customization portion for the characters we wanted to invest time in. Instead select a preset and you are good to go. Took Badical some time…. and after that he wasn’t happen at what he got. I got mine in 2 resets and wish they could have done better. Eventually we select our characters and begin the questing.

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The questing was another issue all together. You go ahead to one of the factions and select from the 3 quest that are available to you. At the time we only knew about the Gold Faction so all 4 of us grabbed the same 3 quest and we headed out onto the ship. The concept of getting on the ship, voting for the mission and heading out was pretty well set. Eventually we all had roles in the ship like Badical steered the ship while I read the map and between Grim and Sky they messed around with look out and sails. We pretty much had everything figured out for the most part as far as getting to where we needed to go. We finally get to the land with our treasure… kill a few skeletons and grab the box and head out to the next island…. from island to island grabbing our treasure boxes. Eventually we got everything together and headed back. At one point we did run into an island and almost sank. Patched up the ship and we were ready to go. When we returned to the island outpost we went to turn in the quest and we got some gold and some ranks with the faction.

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It was all fun and games til that point. We all got paid the same for the most part but for some reason I still had the quest in my log along with my fellow pirates. Badical had his cleared out due to the fact that we basically did his missions. We actually had no way to delete the missions which is a huge negative… Took watching a video to figure out how to get rid of quest you already did with friends or quest you didn’t want in your log.  After this bit we all decided it was a late night and logged off..

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The next morning I decided to go on some solo missions my self to see the game for what it truly was and boy I was disappointed. 3 factions.. you do treasure hunts, bounties or gathering quest. After that you have really nothing else. Their progression system is basically all cosmetic with some ranks. They have 2 world events which is the hydra and the raid that happens on skeleton islands and that’s basically it. You can explore around see if you get lucky and find some randomness in the ocean or out on some random island but for the most part that is basically it. The game and its content is basically minimal at this point. They will add on more content later on but at this point its not worth 60 dollars. Better off paying for the gamepass and playing it through that. I had a feeling in the closed beta sessions that content was going to be and issue and I am glad I canceled my order for that game.

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Don’t get me wrong. If you got a good group of people you can do multiplayer games with this might be alot of fun for that group and getting into all types of randomness.. But for content and being apart of something you want to major in… don’t waste your time. You got Far Cry 5 with Co OP and A away out coming out soon and that is more worth your dime…. Enjoy my opinions or don’t have a nice day! Always remain epic!

Monster Hunter: Syniax vs Jagras

Boss Battle Videos continues with this new installment of Monster Hunter World… first video up will be vs Jagras. Some videos might contain friends or randoms. We shall see how it will go. This video is going to be a music video at this point. Let me know what you think! Anyways the Dark Souls videos are being put on hold for a bit til my brother in law gets his Playstation so we can continue that adventure. Alright remember to drop a thumbs up if you like the video. Support is def appreciated.

New Series Starting!

Got a new series up in the mix and going to try to stick with this one this time… We shall see. Anyways its a Speed Walking Series. Where I and possibly friends will get together with games and try to finish them in a reasonable time. Starting the series with Dark Souls 3… Here is the first episode!

PUBG and Fortnite…

So let me get started with that this whole article that I am writing up right about now is my opinion. I understand everyone has one of these so called opinions. If you agree with me awesome and if you don’t agree with me that’s all you. So now on with the show.

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PUBG initially came out in March. I haven’t really got into it until later on in the year where I played a few matches here and there by myself and eventually tagging up with CommissarJay from work. PUBG has to be one of the most unique experiences that I can honestly say is hard to be replicated. One feeling that comes close to it would be Counter Strike’s 1.6. The matches that I’ve done for OGL was alot of fun but at the same time it was tense trying to survive the match and hoping you come out on top… Even though you had a team it was about as intense as it gets for me in some games. PUBG was able to do this with a some what free for all mechanic. You drop 100 players onto an island and you have to scavenge for weapons, weapon parts, armor parts and health items. The intensity plays in when you have to go from house to house clearing them hoping you don’t run into another player and get shot.

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PUBG captures this intensity so perfectly that when you get just one kill you feel like you are on top of the world. You have that one live and you really got to make it count. You can’t just get back into the game when you die. Also they don’t have another round that you can get a second chance. Once you die its all over and its time to get back to the lobby and try it all again.

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Around July a game by the name of Fortnite was getting ready to be released. A friend of mine by the name of DarknyNemesis was talking to me about this game and I was super excited about playing this game. This game was basically a builder/horde mode that over time got super repetitive. You can almost say that my friends and I was playing Fortnite before it was cool. The game basically got no type of attention in its current state and in time was just being drown out in the waves of Twitch.tv into games that don’t matter over time. September rolls around and they introduced Battle Royale in Fortnite. Battle Royale is basically a cookie cutter rip of PUBG. The only major different for me that stood out was the fact that you can destroy buildings and build your own type of forts as it goes. You can go as much as to debate that this would be the more skillful game of the two when you add the fact that you can build your own defenses over time.

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What amazed me the most was the amount of popularity the game got right as it released Battle Royale. On top of that the game was free, less glitchy and buggy. The only concept that was missing in this game was the intensity. I didn’t feel that intensity I felt when I played PUBG. I felt like with the cartoon feel and what was Fortnite before this was still apart of me. The matches I would play wouldn’t feel so epic and amazing to get a kill. I did appreciate that they added a pvp type mechanic in this huge PVE game but I felt like it was trying to be something it shouldn’t. After a bit I put this game down and continued with PUBG.

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Overall my vote def goes to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds because of that intensity of trying to survive. Even though the game has a lot of huge bugs to put to rest and with the Xbox port being done so poorly. The game has a lot of potential and when its finally fixed up I hope they come out on top of this. Thanks for reading and remember to find me @Syniax on twitter and Twitch.tv/Syniax for streaming live purposes!

First Podcast Topic?

Hey everyone! It has been a while! I feel like every time I post onto this blog its always the same thing. “It’s been a while… I haven’t been on forever…” Or any other way to say that… I really need to be consistent on my blog being that I am paying for the domain.

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So I’ve been talking to a few friends of mine and how we will introduce this new podcast. We did try and I think its still up on iTunes somewhere floating in the interwebs. For the most part I felt we did pretty decent but we really had no structure. After listening to a few podcast, I feel a bit more knowledgeable in the area of podcasting. We spoke on the structure and how we will present these topics over time. A topic I really want to get into is loot boxes…

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The amount of controversy on the topic of loot boxes in gaming is amazing. It can go both ways in my opinion. Is it a good method? Is it gambling? Is it profit to the company to keep games at $60 bucks? So many questions and so many issues at this point in time. I will be doing some reading about this topic and we will be tackling it in the first show along with current events in the gaming word… Like favorite articles of the week before and other topics of that nature. Maybe movies might be added in? I don’t know to be honest but if you the listening public have any ideas or topics that you wish to see discussed in the Project Syniax Gaming community, let me know! Comment here… Comment on Facebook… hell you can even tweet me @Syniax . Let’s get this ball rolling and build up on this community! Anyways have an a great day and always remain epic!