2016 for Gaming coming to an end…

Hey everyone! 2016 has been an intense year for gaming. Seems we got a lot of good games that came through overall this year. I am impress with most of them and some of them def did not do much for me. Other games…well never seen such disappointment but we hope they can redeem themselves from the pits with some DLCs.2016-games.0.0.jpg

October going into November was also brutal for gaming as the games came out back to back with COD and Battlefield along with Titan Fall. The list kept going on and on. After Thanksgiving the games all dropped which was a first for me. I probably didn’t notice this last year if it did happen but this was the first time I saw that games that had just came out even COD games got prices cut in half. COD even went for a $1 deal at Gamestop one day if you traded something decent in. It was chaotic.


Hell even the deals now are still going for random games. I just came back from Gamestop and purchased Dead Rising 4 for 29.99 and it came with a free snow globe… So legit! That game just came out not to long ago if I remember correctly… Oh and I got the Xbox One… Pretty good deal with an extra controller of choice and 30 dollar gift card I was pretty happy. I know I’ve said my fair share of Xbox but overall their online game play is alot better I would have to admit and their controllers feel better IMO. Playstation has definitely taken the steps to be the better console overall but I got enough love for both of these consoles. I plan on purchasing most of the exclusives on Xbox and maybe here and there I might get something on Xbox instead of Playstation.

Anyways 2016 has been a great year for gaming. Stay tune for the podcast which will always be uploaded to YouTube.com/syniax for the next episode where we will talk about our game of the year choices and some that had some potential but didn’t make it. Enjoy!




October is a bit lit…

Hey everyone Syniax here with a bit of randomness I gotta share with you guys. So far the month started off pretty decently with the release of the PSN titles Resident Evil and Transformers Devastation for PS4. I was more excited to get my hands on trying out the Outlast 2 Demo which I got a link below for reactions…

Outlast 2 Demo was pretty decent for a demo. Was a bit confused on if that was it towards the end or was there more to be uncovered just like the Resident Evil demo that was showcased not to long ago. Moving on I definitely need to buckle down and get Outlast 1 out of the way along with the add-on… but so much is happen at a rapid rate.. I’ve gotten to that point with World of Warcraft where the addiction is being slowed down only because of the onslaught of games barreling through. One of those games was Mafia 3…


This game I randomly picked up through Red-box and I gotta say… I was very impressed by the beginning of the story. That beginning piece for the story was priceless and crazy and the way they laid it out like a documentary was perfect for story telling. Even when you would fail a mission they would go on the documentary as if you failed. This is a game you need to pick up story wise… even though it goes through repetitive game-play… I for one thought the story help it out as you progressed through the game. I’ve yet to finish it up but I will be picking this back up from Red-box later this weekend to tackle that.  Another game that took me for a joy ride was Dragon Quest Builders…

This game is a blend of Zelda / Minecraft / RPG randomness… This game comes with a basic type of story and with the way building works in this game its pretty neat. It’s kinda basic compared to Minecraft and Terraria but I approve of this game. The story is interesting but hard to tell from where I am at in the game to know if the story will be progressing at some point other than just a boy building things for a better city. I wanna be able to take down the guy responsible for it all! Another game that has been released today is Battlefield 1!

Got some game-play ^ for you guys to see for those who haven’t played it… The game itself looks amazing. For once EA actually delivered a game that actually seems polished and done correctly. I am pretty sure they got a few bugs up their sleeve but nothing ground breaking yet. The multiplayer is enjoyable for the most part. I actually started to get things going once I joined with a friend. Playing by yourself is just asking for a negative KD. The Singleplayer in the game is breathtaking when it comes to the graphics and the design for the game. The way the beginning started with the campaign was amazing… as you died as one soldier you became the next solider and their experience of what they went through in the war… Sweet on the transitions I gotta say.  Anyways another game that took some time to get through was of course COD… Infinite Warfare… The Modern Warfare campaign also dropped… Which I haven’t gone through yet… might pop that off tonight Twitch.tv/Syniax <- that’s a maybe ;D . Infinite Warfare on the other hand with their beta… I felt a certain way about it. Its rough getting into COD the way its shaped since Advance Warfare. All that jet propelling and sliding and what use to be fun becomes just retarded. Yep life goes on.. Anyways this is Syniax and I am out!



PSN Plus Titles for PS4 October!

These are the titles Sony got for us for the month of October! Very much excited for Transformers Devastation. I’ve actually yet to try this game out but come this October I will be live streaming some of this game and see how it goes. Heard pretty decent comments on this game so we shall see. On the other hand we have Resident Evil a horror classic and we all know that Resident Evil has fell off from that point. HD remake for your PSN Plus sub and in the month of Halloween is amazing! By far one of the scary games back in my child hood!

Actual Full List for October PSN:

  • Resident Evil HD (PS4)
  • Transformers Devastation (PS4)
  • From Dust (PS3)
  • Mad Riders (PS3)
  • Code: Realize Guardians of Rebirth (Vita)
  • Actual Sunlight (Vita)

Enjoy and always remain epic!


Pokemon Go : My thoughts!

maxresdefault (1)

Hey everyone Syniax here! It’s been a while since I’ve typed up a bit of randomness so here goes nothing. Lately I’ve been stuck on the game Pokemon Go. From levels 1-22 so far this game has been nothing but amazing. Everyone has their opinions on the game so here is my two cents. A review of sorts but at the same time just thoughts and experience.


That moment you realized…There is no coming back

So you basically start-up with this guy. Just like the beginning of all Pokemon games you are greeted by a Professor and you choose boy or girl and how you look depending on the game. Eventually you get to select one of the 3… Charmander Squirtle or Bulbasaur….


Wish they told us about Pikachu earlier…

So remember in the story where Ash was kinda late and got a Pikachu? Guess what…. Easter Egg Alert! You can sorta pull off the same mess with this. If you want and you go around a bit Pikachu comes up and you can select him as your beginner…. The only part about the beginner Pokemon in this game that pretty much sucks is the fact that you cannot power level that pokemon through or have him level with you to keep him going as a main pokemon unless you are lucky enough to live by a Pokemon nest for that particular pokemon. For example if you happen to choose Charmander like I did… after 20+ levels he still looks like this…


Yep… That is my Charmander… Weak… One of the biggest negatives I have for this game is the process of how Pokemon level and gain “CP”. It’s through the candy. Remember the days when we played the gameboy or ds games… feeding candies to the pokemon pretty much was a bad idea. Now its everything you should do. You want to power them up… Candies! You want to evolve em? Candies! I really feel that they could have done a lot better in this department and let us capture a pokemon and use it as a main and continue to level through battles or gym battles or having him play that “Pikachu role” Where he doesn’t want to stay in the ball so he stays behind your avatar and he gains little bits of experience by walking with you.

Lots of ideas for this game and they went with this candy idea… Life goes on at this point but for the most part this game has been nothing but amazing.


Credit to FrozoneUSMC for this pic

Catching Pokemon out in the wild is the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time. The very night this game dropped and we managed to get our main pokemon. We all ran outside in the middle of the dark and started catching them all. Pidgey got it! Rattata got it! Caterpie  got it! Magicarp ehhh… ok fine its a new game Got it!

This game also steps it up later when you get to level 5 and you are able to choose a team… but this is where the game gains its competitive edge…


The biggest decision you will ever make in life.

So here we are tapping on gym icons and we are presented with this. You get to choose from 1 of 3 teams… For some odd apparent reason Team Instinct has become the short bus team of the 3… I joined that team by the way. When you join one of the teams you basically become apart of that faction while others who chose another team will be apart of another faction. Basically Alliance and Horde and the other guys if you are into World of Warcraft.  The Gym battles are another concept which in a way could be fixed but at the same time have been a lot of fun for the most part…


Not very effective!

The gym battles need some fixing at the same time its pretty much doable. You start off with getting to the gym location and if the team who owns the gym is opposite of your team you will fight them with at least 6 Pokemon no matter how many pokemon they have in the gym which kinda makes it a bit unfair. If the gym is own by your team, you are given the option to select one of your pokemon to go through the pokemon of the gym in order to level the gym prestige and make more space for more defender pokemon. You set your pokemon up and you can collect a defender bonus which is 500 dust and 10 pokecoins. I’ve had a lot of fun taking gyms from teams and going back and forth in the beginning but eventually after you collect the defender bonus it gets a bit boring but it’s also a great way to get exp but at the same time run through your potions and your revives.


The game so far has huge potential it has swept the nation in the most ridiculous way. From parks to theme parks to even random locations are populated with Pokemon go players of all types from young to old…women and men….boys and girls….grandpas and grandmas… The game is everywhere! Even the social aspect and physical aspect is amazing with this game.

For a game that was considered by a reviewer a “bare bones” type of game… they obviously miss the randomness portion of the game. Easter Eggs! From Pikachu to the random Eevee name situation. The game continues to shine through out even though some people have given up due to server situations or lack of connection of the actual game. In the future they promise to get out trading which will bring people together and even personal battles.


It’s lit fam… it is lit…

So in conclusion this game is nothing but amazing. It has issues from time to time…frozen balls and server issues… but in all honesty this is as good as it gets for now when it comes to actually living that Pokemon life. It might not be the same with your head stuck in the phone and walking around hatching eggs… but I feel when trading and battling begins to happen, things will definitely get better. Events like the one we saw on Mewtwo… If that’s something they are willing to explore…the game will only get crazier… anyways hope you’ve enjoyed my randomness blog… I think I will be doing a video review of the game at some point. Also No Man’s Sky will be dropping on Aug 9th and I will be live streaming most of that when it drops… I want to live stream my randomness in WOW with Demon Hunters early release but my comp will not allow it… Anyways enjoy everyone and always remain epic!

The Forest : Thoughts and Experience


Hey everyone! Syniax here with my thoughts on a game we pretty much put some time in. We’ve seen a lot of games coming out with the whole survival theme being tossed out. From titles ranging to The Forest, Rust, H1z1 and even Ark which will be on PS4 later this year. So we did a vote and selected The Forest to be one of the ones we should try out to see if the game has potential to ride it out with the rest.

In the beginning of the game you basically start off as a guy who survives some plane crash. When you awake your son is taken away from you by these cannibals which inhabit the island you are stranded on. The goal obviously is to survive…

maxresdefault (1)

So my friends (Templar and 13 aka Delirium) and I go all out on this new adventure right after a horrific plane crash. So when we started this game out we were all pretty much confused on how and what we need to do. We started with jumping into the water to clean ourselves up (preventing risk of infection) and eventually figured out the whole building mechanic and started to build a mini cabin. At some point Delirium dropped a tree onto the cabin and destroyed it …also killing Templar our first death.

So we decided to rebuild after Templar was revived somehow. I chose a bigger cabin which took a bit longer but we managed after meeting some random surprises.


Remember those Cannibals who took your kid? Well they are back and they want to eat you alive…or well cooked who knows. The basic ones are pretty easy to hack away at with your trusty ax. Eventually female ones come around which seem a bit faster and boobs hanging out purely for distraction. Also at times one of them will be armed with a club which you can take for yourself. We managed to finish up the building of the log cabin and building bone fires and other little pieces of fun like a log holder and fire pit to cook our food.

At one point we manage to find a hole in the ground and decided to take the rope down eventually leading us to the very bottom of this cave. A huge fat mutated human blob tackled me down and tore me into two… Templar and Delirium took him out and continued to explore. After that we started to figure out how to make weapons. One of us made armor. Another made a bow.


For the most part this game is fun. For me what does it the most is the fact that you have to have people with you playing this game. I don’t think I would have had as much fun playing alone vs playing with friends. I do however have a hunger to explore in my own game to see what I can create and what I can do in the game to further my experience. I don’t like the fact that once the host leaves out all that progress goes with him/her. At some point if this game goes big I am pretty sure they will set up dedicated servers to play on making the experience a bit more consistent. We will be doing a podcast covering this game and other survival horror games over time. This was in a way inspired by the new Resident Evil game that recently dropped the demo. I guess you can say we are searching for a good scare in gaming. Not many games can actually put a scare on people. Resident Evil’s new title pretty much did some  damage in that area along with having a community uproar on trying to figure all the crazy things out…such as that dummy finger. Anyways more to come and always remain epic!



Resident Evil 7: The Dummy Finger!


Will you get out of the house?!

Recently on E3 they announced this game along with a demo that will be playable at the time of the announcement of the game. Everyone was excited to get their hands on this game as so was I. We ran to the PS store to see if we could download it. Some could and some couldn’t. I’ve waited for a few hours before I was able to actually download it to then not play it at all til Wednesday. I avoided everything related to this game because I wanted a fresh experience. I even decided to stream it via twitch.tv/syniax just to see if I got any people to watch me get scared for no apparent reason.

My mind set when I entered this game was that this was a Resident Evil game… How bad could it get..? If you got 5 minutes… Watch this video and see exactly how I reacted…

This game was pretty intense with how some events unfolded and how you can get multiple “endings”. For a demo it got a bit crazy when people told me on twitch that you can get an ax? What an ax!? They guided me and what I found crazy was that you can get an ax through playing the main guy and also the camera guy. (Yes you take the role of two guys in this game at some point in time) The game for the most part is pretty much on point with the scares and having you play more and more to see if you will uncover anything.


What is it?? What does it do?? Is it pointless?! <-

The biggest mystery of them all is this…. The Dummy Finger…Everywhere on the internet you find post about this. Ranging from videos and twitter post, everyone is flipping out about this finger. I’ve noticed it looks like a key on one end others have gone through crazy measures looking at this finger and going in on the game itself trying to figure it all out. I am pretty sure someone will figure it out or even maybe I might… Highly doubt it but its amusing to see what a demo can do to the gaming community at this point leaving us all in question over a finger… an ax… and other items you may find in your experience. I do give credit for the person who first found an ax. I thought that alone was crazy how you can alter the present with a past video tape.

This game is pretty legit at this point and I am very excited to see how this game will fully play out when it comes out next year with VR. Anyways I wanted to talk on that piece of randomness and if you have had any interesting experiences comment below or check out my video on my experiences and comment there. Anyways stay safe and always remain epic…


E3 2016! IMO before the Podcast!


Hey everyone! Syniax here and I gotta say I am pretty excited for the crazyness that has been thrown at us in E3. So at this point I wanna be cleared I’ve seen pretty much the whole Besthesda Showcase and half of the Playstation Showcase. I even caught a bit of the EA showcase and It was just about Titanfall with their single player and I was pretty impressed that heard how the fans reacted with their previous installment of TitanFall.


So let me start off with a huge announcement even though we knew about that I was excited for. Skyrim will have a remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One and I’m assuming its coming with all the content DLC that it had over time. Also this game will support mods like Fallout 4 now started up on with consoles as of recent. So the major reason I am excited for this game is because I never actually played this game through. I got through a bit of it and quit and eventually when ESO came out I actually got into that mess of work. I never got back into Skyrim and til this day had no actual interest in the game. The game I am pretty sure is amazing but at this point I never had an actual interest in this game with everything out now.


So I didn’t get to see the big reveal for God of War 4 but thanks to social media and friends I found this out with out a problem.. It is what it is spoilers happening left and right when it came to E3 but I was pretty excited about it anyways even though I never been a huge fan for God of War. I would like to see this game and what they did to differ from its previous games. I will do a stream where I rip through the previous games before they drop this game into the gaming collection


Another game I heard by word of mouth that I am really excited for is the new Resident Evil and how it will be first person and be along side with the VR situation. I am pretty hype to also try out the demo I’ve downloaded tomorrow and see what we will get with this new experience for Resident Evil. Hopefully they are actually done with all that action randomness and actually focus on the horror of the game.


A few games def took the cake when it came down to announcements for me. Games like Resident Evil and Quake. Even with the reveal of Skyrim’s remake and seeing all the VR I was super hype for it all… But this one really did everyone wrong..I mean everyone….. as we sat through the trailer thinking this will be a huge new experience this game looks amazing and space battle looks crazy and we get into the gun play and it sorta reminded me of something but I left that alone…. When we got towards the end of the trailer and the COD Infinite Warfare popped up…. I felt so betrayed. This game had all this and with this title? This game is actually shaping up to being a pretty good game but here is the thing and I will def expand on in the podcast. All that cool epicness only happens during the campaign. The Multiplayer is where the whole game gets it replay value. The Multiplayer is basically a super water downed version of what happens during the Single player. We shall see how they deliver the multiplayer this time around. I don’t think COD ever really had really bad Single-player games but we shall see how it delivers this year.


So overall from what I’ve seen PS showcase has been my favorite I will def look at the others when I get a moment tomorrow before the podcast but be sure to catch the podcast Tuesday Night 9pm Est on Twitch.tv/syniax ! hit that follow button to get that update! We will talk about the great moments and how we feel about these games coming out and the work that is going into them. Join us to talk about the randomness through the chat and we will answer any questions y’all might have. Anyways Enjoy and always remain epic!