Synful Take: Elden Ring

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while again. I am terrible at this. I get it! Maybe if my wife can gift me one of those mechanical keyboards through my Amazon wishlist and I’ll remain committed to typing hah.

Click clack click clack ooooo

So Elden Ring has dropped and everyone is loving it. Ranging from hardcore fans to people who don’t even know that this game comes from a long line of Souls/Borne titles. So I would like to share my experience of the game as of now. I have beaten the game and quite a few bosses. Most of the late game content I had to do by myself for a few reasons like a friend wasn’t on or co op wasn’t working well for some unknown reason.

Here we go!

This game is truly amazing. When coming into the open world scene I was amazed by the sight of the land. I ran out and was immediately assaulted by a golden knight on a horse. At this moment I knew I was playing a Souls/Borne game. I got together with my friend Bullhead and we explored most of the immediate area. Collecting items and weapons. Fighting random soldiers from the castle and running from dragons by a lake. Every moment was just filled with mystery. Every time we found a cave or an underground ruin, we would explore these areas throughly with out the slightest clue to what can happen next.


Now here’s the spicy part. Another game that dropped in 2017 if I remember correctly, was rated on the same levels of Elden Ring. It was 10/10s across the board for most. I and a few others didn’t agree. This game is Breath of the Wild and before you say Sony Pony, I have always loved my Zelda games before Mario games and most games alike. I was truly excited for the new console and a new Zelda game but it let me down instantly, with vast open lands and no content to really explore. It was either land, boss dungeon or shrine for the most part with no variety. Weapon durability killed the experience for me. I loved the combat and the physics and finding things out on that level but it wasn’t enough. Elden Ring was what I wish BOTW was and hope that BOTW 2 will be.


In the end I definitely recommend this game for both the casual and the hard core elite. I don’t know if I wanna do scores for my Synful takes but if we really had to, this would be a 10/10 game. I don’t see any game topping Elden Ring this year at this rate but we shall see. Anyways always remain epic! Have a nice day!