Finally the intro is here!

Hey everyone! Finally got my intro for my video along with the outro that I got a bit earlier. Here are a couple of videos I dropped just recently on my channel


So that’s the new series I think I might start getting together with You Died Montages. Lemme know what you think or any advice you have on series making because in all honesty I am new to this randomness. Also a review for the game Nioh.


Nioh game was fairly decent but def check out my review on this game and how I felt about it. They def got a lot of work to do on this game and hopefully they will get it all together. I know its an alpha but they really need to get it together.

Anyways that is pretty much everything for now. Working on my Uncharted Videos soon to get up before Uncharted 4 Drops. Tomorrow I will be streaming Uncharted 3. I already finished 1 and 2 recently with in 2 days. Now For Uncharted 3! Everyone enjoy! and Always remain epic!


I didn’t choose the tank life… the tank life chose me


Something about having a shield makes me feel like a Leader…

Ok so honestly. I chose the tank life. Just like the way the title came out on top. This post is basically related to something I read earlier today about tanks called 7 Reasons you should be nicer to tanks and people in general credit to MadMacallan. Link Here .

So I read through the whole thing and notice some things I would like to point out and my views about the whole article and actual experiences I’ve had as a tank. Everyone has their opinions when it comes down to tanks and dps and heals. I like when people say Tanks are meat shields or DPS is easily replaceable ( this one I said at times but its hard to get real good dps lol ) and Healers are for girls.


Instant Queue again?! goodness I wonder why?

I chose the tank life for a couple of reasons. I love being in charge at times and also love being a rarity when it comes to grouping. For example as you see in this pic in WOW Tanks and some times Healers get rewarded for being there when needed. The tank nation is almost like the USMC the few the proud the tanks… Its a rough life because of all the randomness we got to deal with. We are the first ones in and we gotta make sure we got a tough head on our shoulders because one mistake can cost the whole raid or dungeon. I find this funny because it seems that tanks got it rough. I find it easier to deal as oppose to the other classes imo. I am actually suprised not many people are tanks. For this I love it. Love being messaged randomly “hey can you tank this for me” Or we need you for a raid because apparently everyone is a hunter.

I also love that when tank gear drops… Guess where that goes. Mine Mine Mine. I don’t have to worry about sharing my gear with a warlock who needs on spirit gear for a priest. Always party up with clothies though ;D. I also love being the one that everyone depends on because in all honesty lets put this out there. I am a total A-hole. If you get smart with me over bs best believe I will find it in my interest to make your life miserable even if its a video game. You will get kicked out of group if you want to play retarded. A pet peeve I have is the guy who comes into the game while I am tanking and for some reason dies randomly because of what ever reason… Lets say I wasn’t holding that aggro down…. OOOPS guy dies and curses me out because I couldn’t hold aggro. That guy I don’t appreciate much in my group. I really don’t need negativity in my group besides I won’t be waiting 40 minutes for another dungeon so I can leave or just kick that individual. Usually that individual gets kicked lol.


I’ve played tank in so many games. World of Warcraft, FFXIV, SWTOR, Eden Eternal, Guild Wars, the list goes on and on. Even games that don’t have traditional tanks but a guy with a sword and shield I was in there. IE Diablo and Ragnarok. I’ve always went for the raid lead or the leader of the group no matter what it was I loved leading everyone into the randomness if I knew what was going on. I recently started up on FFXIV tanking and I gotta say its a bit slow but I love it. I was a bit iffy on tanking in that game so i stuck to doing just quest and some fates because I didn’t want to piss the PROS off with my epic tanking skills. After a bit I was told that dungeon running was a great way to get my experience going and to max out so I had to just eat it up and head out and deal with angry nerds if I mess up. My friend told me basically you will only learn way one and thats actually doing the whole thing. While DPS can get away with an attack dummy to learn their rotation… You can’t tank attack dummies… So guess where you practice… right in the field. Eventually I got my Tank like ego back and Even if I mess up I could care less I will keep going because I already know I don’t have to wait in a 40 minute que. So if dps or healers want to leave because my tanking isn’t up to the standard. Leave lol I am not the one standing in queue for 40 minutes. I usually get a replacement asap. I do however feel for the rest when it comes down to it.

Everyone has a part to play in the game called life

Everyone has a part to play in the game called life

You have what you call the holy trinity. Tank Heals DPS.  Lets be real from the beginning of the fight you need all 3 to get things done. You need that tank to mitigate the damage. You need that DPS to pull the health down of the boss or mobs you are fighting. You need the heals to be focused on the tank and if splash damage occurs give the occasional heal off to a dps. No one is perfect at their job. I really don’t care how many hours you put into the game or what spec are you and what gear you came in with. Everyone will have that day where they make that one mistake. I as a tank have had a few here and there. I remember days in WOW when tanking was so serious for a dungeon that if I dropped aggro on a mob it would one slap healers. Hilarious but dangerous. I’ve even had moments where as DPS i gotta keep moving around because fire pits would emerge from the ground so I had to be ready to spring out of there when it happens. Healer… well I’ve played healer. I honestly feel that people who play healer have it rough because its not fun imo and its not all that easy at times either depending on the situation. It was never really easy for me because I don’t like focusing on peoples health bars. I like to be in the action. I could almost understand why my friend would have to go for a smoke break after healing shadowfang keep with that one boss who nukes everyones health in one shot. Everyone is important in their own way here and there and everyone should be respected regardless. It is sad that in a video game people get so upset to flip out over a wipe or two. Reminds me of the people I work with. Always getting angry at passengers as if these passengers fly everyday. News flash they don’t and the same way it comes down to the gamers. Not everyone is on the game as much as these people who rage quit because people don’t know the fight. Some people actually have lives outside of the game to be taking a game to serious. I got a fiance and I work most of the day lol. Being a tank is great because I get into a dungeon asap or raid. I don’t like wasting time but at the same time I don’t like rushing through a dungeon because someone has to go somewhere. I actually like to learn the fight first hand. A youtube video won’t really help all that much. Experience is what helps.


The future holds great suprises.

The future holds great suprises.

So the morale of my rant is basically like the other guy said, Treat people with respect. Because in the end I might be your tank and instead of instant queue with me. You might see an insta kick. Also try new things guys. Its great to have DPS characters but also have a healer or tank on hand just incase because in all honesty its best to be versatile in gaming. It really is. In WOW I would have a paladin because he can heal tank and dps. So I was ready. Anyways thanks for reading my randomness ;D tell your friends about me

No Crossover Between DC Movies and Shows.

So I was doing my early morning browsing and ran into this article

Yes I know I am being very random at this point I never really post this type of article but I really got something to say about this and curious on what others think about this situation. I really feel that with out the crossing of these heroes and having to add new ones to get their point across with out using the ones set in play for the shows it gets all retarded in such a way. For me I really do appreciate the crossovers from time to time in a show or movie to show.


Who remembers Buffy the Vampire slayer? Even though in a sense it was cheesing imo it was a decent show and I really enjoyed it but what really made it so much better was when one of the major characters from the show left and made a spin off show called Angel which was also a crossover show and from time to time they would be in each others show making some events a bit more interesting on how they happened. This was crossover done right imo. Some other shows actually do it still today like Vampire Diaries with the originals.


I really wish the chief would really look over the details and get this going because this is a huge opportunity to get DC Universe really on the map when it comes to shows and movies. IMO they are already beating Marvel when it comes to shows. With some crossover and randomness between movie and shows it would really help them out. Guess we might never know how this would really play out though… thats my 2 cents.



So the beta just started up 19 minutes ago. Its actually good to see that the game is going to have its moments but then again the game isn’t really the issue at the moment. Trying to get your codes and get into the PSN store is the actual case. Lot’s of crashes are happening through on the website and in the psn store its a bit ridiculous I decided to give it a rest instead of trying to race into the game but I really do want to get this download out of the way, its about 14 gigs so be prepared to have some space with in your hard drive for it. It also looks like you do not need to keep the Alpha version around in order to place being that its a whole new copy of the randomness.

If anyone is interested in playing with me later on in Destiny’s little beta event you can reach me at Syniax for PSN.  Add me so we can do this randomness all together.  On another note…


This game right here… Has been taking some of my time of gaming. It took a bit to get into it. I was on and off with it and with World of Warcraft getting a bit more interesting with in the year of this games release this game ended up in my backlog. I decided to tackle it once I figured out I had a free upgrade for my PS3 Edition and excited to actually play this on the PS4. Even better with the PS4 edition updated and all you can use your keyboard and mouse as if you were playing on the PC. My laptop really doesn’t cut it for gaming much nowadays so being able to play a fully functional MMORPG on a PS4 with keyboard and all made this experience worth my time. So now i’ve been messing around with this game for sometime and enjoy it. World of Warcraft has yet to inform us about whats going on in life and hopefully we will be seeing more details later on. My only concern is trying to get a hold of the collectors edition copy of the new expansion for WOW… anyways that is all for now more details and randomness on Destiny and FFXIV later 🙂

Gold Wireless Playstation Headset Review

ooo ahhh ooooo =O
ooo ahhh ooooo =O

ooo ahhh ooooo =O

So here we have it the new ps headset. I use to own some Trittons and they actually played very well compared to these but I will say this and the reason I chose PS headset vs the trittons. It came down to conveniences.


All the key ingredients

All the key ingredients

So the headset comes with of course… the headset a micro usb plug for charging a piece that connects into a usb port for connectivity ( sorry guys its not bluetooth) Also an aux cord for other epic randomness and a little pouch to stuff it all in… cept the headset I don’t think it fits inside there.

All this for a low price of 99 dollars!

All this for a low price of 99 dollars!

So I actually got this for 99 bux! Oh yes! My trittons cost me 150 dollars if memory serves me correctly.  As you saw in the second pic with the accessories that came in the box comparing to what came in the box for my trittons…

Whats the box for ... uggggh

Whats the box for … uggggh

So as you see the randomness of Tritton there is a box and I am no tech guru to actually tell you the full functionality of the box but I am assume that most of the epic sounds are translated inside there and comes out into your ears =O yessss it makes sense. Overall it was a pain to get the wires together because I will explain a run through of how tritton set up works… You have the power cord going into the box and into an outlet. Then you have the box as the main meetup for the majority of wires. One of them will be the USB that goes into your playstation another will be the optic wire that goes in the back of the playstation this makes for a nice mess when both wires are somewhat short and did not compliment my desk set up. Now you have this 10 foot cord that goes from the modem looking box into a remote area for the headset to control volume and set up and then another 20 feet of cord right into the headset… I had alot of cord laying on my lap most game nights. Ok maybe I might be exaggerating on the cord length but it was ridiculous even while i sat infront of my 50 inch tv in the living room I still had bundled up cord.

Loving simplicity

Loving simplicity

So my new PS headsets cured the clutter called Tritton in reality all I gotta worry about is the headphones on my head and a piece that plugs into the ps4/ps3/pc. It’s also wireless. Heres the catch though… battery life. The battery life is pretty decent but I’ve had times where I would have to swap over to the ps4 issued mic because my PS headset died in the middle of battlefield. It hasn’t happen much now that I am getting use to the whole charging it while I am not using it. I also read that it has Virtual Surround Sound… some might be asking “Well how does it sound Syn?” It sounds virtual… It took me a bit because in all honesty with my trittons I noticed a bit of difference compared to the PS Headset. I recall listening to footsteps as they came through in COD and camping in a corner like a punk with a shotgun because I wanted to see if I could get the drop on people with just sound while having my trittons on. It really did sound like someone was coming from behind me towards the side of me and then moving towards the front of me and BOOM shot in the gut… I win. However with the PS headset it really didn’t sound convincing and felt like it wasn’t really there. I might have to do some more comparing or maybe it was a bad night for it as far as my internet issue is concern ( Yea brighthouse and their internet is becoming horrible… keep getting dropped on the internet…bad) So I will try to see if its just some issue but I felt more confident with my Trittons on the field.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset-10

Notice that everything is basically on the headset, it takes some getting use to with button locality and all but its all there. I love it its not like the tritton where I had to hurry and grab the piece to mute myself if I wanted to talk naughty randomness to my fiance… >_> ( Oh  do not act like you don’t mute the mic from your friends when you speak dirty ) All the buttons are right there by your ear and ready and easy to use. I also LOVE the fact that I can use an Aux wire to connect it to my PS Vita and My ipod to listen to music. What is crazy is you don’t even need to charge the headset from my experience to listen to your ipod. You don’t even have to turn it on and music sounds pretty good on this headset.


Love the family like qualities

So my end result for this headset 4 out of 5. I really love these headsets for the simple fact that it works. I love how they are simple to get going and easy to manage. No messy wires everywhere or an awkward box laying on the top of the desk. One piece into the PS4 and the headset. If you are really looking for a decent headset that plays well as far as sound and communication these really work. They also work with PCs on top of that too! Do they work with Xbox? That would be sacrilege  but epic at the same time but for 99 dollars a pop. I recommend these headsets if you don’t have a gaming set.

Destiny Beta around the corner

There you go guys… Pre order Destiny and get access to the beta. Best believe it is really worth it. According to the randomness feed people are saying that we will be seeing alot more this time around as far as quest, levels and things to do overall. I am definitely excited to be apart of this experience. I made a mini review of Destiny in its Alpha stages. I still find it hard to believe that was an alpha test. I mean when you go off and compare it to a BETA test for Battlefield Hardline you begin to wonder how much effort is being put into Destiny. After playing Battlefield Hardline, it was a decent game but overall graphics and physics and every other thing was a bit crazy. Felt semi broke. Destiny Alpha test felt like a final piece demo. I really do hope Battlefield Hardline picks it up because in all honesty if Destiny can pull it off, Battlefield should have no excuses imo.

July line up for PSN Plus games :D

It’s been a while… but heres some minor reviews to make up.

It’s been awhile guys and I apologize. Been doing a buncha left and rights and here and theres. So here we go with a few things I’ve ran into.steam-sale-batman

The steam sale is happening at this point and gotta say not many of the sales really caught my eye in all honesty. Also I really don’t game on the PC. Only games I really bother with on the pc is Warcraft or really anything from blizzard but I did happen to get 2 games:

The Witcher 2:




Both games are pretty decent. I really love the concept with Terraria reminds me of minecraft but better imo. Maybe one day I will give into the craze of minecraft but not today. Terraria with the building and exploring can go on for hours. When my fiance and I grabbed Terraria for PS3 we spent most the night just building away… caught her the next day in mid work building her own little fortress. The Witcher I really haven’t given it much time because I already know story wise this just might be crazy so in time I will be reviewing through the game a bit better but maybe after my list for PS4 sorry guys.


Killzone Shadow Fall has been a decent experience with using the PS4 to its semi fullest. With the OWL robot sidekick you get to use the touchpad here and there. The light bar on the controller actually goes from Green to Red when you begin to lose out on health. The story line actually catches you from the very beginning and towards the end it gets even crazier. At this point this game is around 39.99 so if you haven’t purchased this game, give it a shot, redbox it do something. This shouldn’t be passed up. Also with the new mode in the DLC Intercept with horde mode makes this game a bit more interesting when it comes to multiplayer but won’t put it up there with Battlefield 4 or COD which brings me to my next segment.


Who remembers the whole mess with BF4 on launch? Save games disappearing? Yep this killed it for me I remember playing through it and actually enjoying the story with some laughs and some tears… ( i didn’t cry …) having to go to sleep and waking up the next day to get back to it and find the game file is corrupted or missing. So I gave it another shot and again gone. So i practically gave up and gave it sometime. I recently tackled it with 2 more levels to go hoping my files do not disappear but so far the storyline and gameplay are pretty good. It has its epic moments when buildings are crashing down from time to time. Also the story line has its points where it shines and other moments where its just a great big meh? My point though is these games like COD and BF always hold up because of its multiplayer even though I’ve actually played through some of these campaigns and I feel some people are missing out on them. Going through the BF Campaign with its crazy moments are actually quite entertaining. The sniper mission if you recall from COD the first Modern Warfare 4 really felt challenging in a sense after some time in it. Felt different compared to some of game stories I’ve delt with in the past. So if you have the time away from your clans and friends, give these campaigns a bit of a shot… you might not be disappointed.


MGSV Ground Zeroes: This game looks amazing…plays amazing… but lasted bout 5 minutes. Practically upset with the game length but also I didn’t pay for my copy, my gamestop points did. Really can’t wait til the Phantom Pain drops because in all honesty this game has a great thing going for itself.


Now… I don’t normally rate movies but this one had to go on the blog because of its randomness yet I didn’t know what to expect so here goes. Plot: Picture America with its country allowing for one night (12 hours) for all crime to be legal. Everyone can go killing and looting and what ever they choose.  The way the story goes into its “crazy moments” is with a random act of an idiot… and from their you have your movie killings and all. With out spoiling the parts I will say this, if you are the type to get upset with people in a movie you are watching… this is not that movie. The ending is pretty epic though imo but the way it all goes down is just a bit obscene for me.

This is all for now and all the randomness I’ve been poking around at and mini reviews. I will start doing some more reviews on the games I’ve been going through recently. I will prob get a decent review on Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals soon also. Stay tune everyone 🙂

Infamous Second Son full on review

Hey everyone… lets see how Infamous Second Son did 🙂

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Gameplay in this game is awfully familiar because of its predecessors.  It was a huge nostalgia hit from beginning to end when you found your self hopping off the side of buildings or gliding across town. I have to give credit with the boss battles because in all honesty the game felt right when it came to the whole concept with boss battles and regular mob set enemies. If you recall some enemies back in Infamous 1 gave you more problems than a regular boss fight in a game.  Especially when you met up with them in packs. The balance here for Infamous Second Son was more improved and felt like more complete in that area. The actual gameplay was smoother in comparison to the last 2. Adding in new power sets really kept you on your toes with new skills and new power sets to try out… Felt like Rogue from X-men trying out all these powers…




The story line wasn’t too bad in the long run. You live a life where you like to cause havok in your town from time to time and your brother is a sheriff who is trying to keep you in line. Sounds like a sunday late night movie to me in the beginning. Things get crazy though when you throw in a conduit ( mutant if you are familiar with X-Men it’s almost the same concept) into the mix and then you have Infamous Second Son. Our hero of the story happens to get the powers of this conduit and a group known as D.U.P comes into play trying to get information of the conduit’s whereabouts. Of course things get a bit crazy as the leader of this group Augustine begins to torture the town for answers…. After all that mess some how you are still living and kicking and want revenge…. simplified eh?

She is Evil... =O

She is Evil… =O


Coming from PS3 into the world of Ps4  has really put a few games up there with graphics and performance. This game really looks amazing playing off the ps4. As far as the graphics and visuals of the powers along with how it plays well made everything set well in place for a great experience. From the town to the city you can explore everything looks great.  The way your powers react with some of the pieces of the city for example your smoke powers through a vent shaft and you fly up through a building up to a roof top in a matter of seconds. You can get more air with your TV powers through antennas. These things in the long run make for a great game well put together to keep you going and more interested than the last 2 games.

got wings ;D tv powers

got wings ;D tv powers


Randomness: 3

I gotta say for an infamous game I didn’t expect much. When you saw the game play videos of  Infamous Second Son at first you assumed you were only getting that one fire smoke power. When you actually play out the game you eventually run into the neon power, tv power, and stone power all in time. Each power has their perks and some cons along with it. Made for different types of situations and how you see fit to actually use them.



Conclusion: Pretty decent aka 4

From the gameplay to presentation and everything put together this game came out pretty solid compared to the rest.  You can’t go wrong getting a copy of this game. Also later on the game will be coming out with a new DLC for the story on a character you run into sometime in August 2014.





This is from Killzone Shadowfall… Total fail lmao -_- *death* roll credits lmao