PSG: First Episode w/ Live Review and Interview

Hey everyone is you missed the video for the first show here it is.

We covered the basics when it comes to this game The Division. I am excited to see what they have to offer when the game drops its open beta next week on the 18th of Feb. The game does have a lot to offer but it’s scary that right now Destiny had exactly the same effect on a lot of us.  I am hoping that this game will do wonders compared to Destiny. At least hold us down til Destiny drops that next big hit.


We kinda miss you but we don’t


I also had an interview with FrozoneUSMC who usually has more information on story and lore in gaming. When things looked confusing and left us wondering what was going on in Destiny he was the go to for that whole situation. Now with The Division he sheds some light to whats going on and how he feels about the game in the video. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube for videos from both FrozoneUSMC and I .  In the coming month of March I will have more footage for The Division. I am thinking of focusing on that game for the time being. Also will be hitting up Dark Souls 3 when that drops in April.

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A whole new world…