Destiny First Impression ( Alpha Test )

Where do I even begin…The game is pretty decent but I can’t let the hype rule this mini review. I just can’t lol. So here we go. First thing I noticed when actually starting it all up was that the game is so well put together you have a hard time believing that this is an ALPHA test. Little randomness of knowledge from what I know. Alpha is usually the first phase of testing and it goes into either closed or open beta testing which is almost complete but just got a few kinks. Alpha testing usually is pretty buggy and messy. Playing Destiny was just amazing for an Alpha test that I don’t kno how they can really improve but I am pretty sure they have a few areas to get going…


I want to start off with the fact that the character creation was pretty interesting even though i feel they need some more hairstyles but that’s just me. Creating the character went smoothly you were given 3 races Human, Awoken and Exo. After that you get into a break down for Male and Female for each race and off to face styles and hairstyles and even markings on the faces with makeup or scars. After that you finish up with the creation of the character and they drop you into a planet and you are off on your first and I think only mission in the alpha test. Later on in explore mode you will be able to find random mini missions or side quest or what have you.


Red heads =O We shall call her Pixximus

When you arrive, you are outfitted with auto rifle, scout rifle and a shotgun. Also you start off at level 3 and some basic gear ( Head piece, gloves, chest piece, boots ) Also a class armor, in  the case of the photo you have the Hunters Makeshift scarf Hunter Cloak.


Hunters…huntards? -_- nuuuu

Also with your little arsenal that you are given in the beginning you also have access to a mount or what reminds me of a speeder…


Reminds me of the speeders….of SWTOR

So now bare in mind that at this point any one on your friends list can join you and your game if you already have it open and here and there my friends joined my game and i’ve joined theirs while playing the game in the last couple of days and its pretty interesting. We actually had a moment where my friend and I decided to start exploring certain parts of the map when you go into a map mode called explore mode. You can go to it through the launch section of the game when your on your ship and looking for a destination. We ran into a dark basement like area that nearly lead to our death because we ran into enemies with ?? as levels. If you know what ?? means for a level… You should know to stay away from situations like that… Sadly my friend died…brutally… This game will be interesting to those friends of mine that aren’t knowledgeable in the area of RPGS.

Needless to say, I died trying to get this photo...enjoy

Needless to say, I died trying to get this photo…enjoy

In conclusion to this randomness of an article. This game is pretty well set up. It has alot to look forward to. Also it feels like Halo and COD had a baby… and called her Destiny. With the ambiance of Halo with aliens and the terrain. When it comes down to the shooting mechanics it feels like COD… play a hunter and use your melee… You will understand what I am talking about. So if you got an invite give the game a shot. You will not be losing out. This game has alot of potential and I really hope this one doesn’t flop like Defiance…. lol

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Gotta say this game is looking pretty good. Reminds me of WOW with some guns and all this crowd control they pulled off in the video, take a peek and lemme know what you think

Wolfenstein: The New Order Full On review

Hello everyone… with my randomness going for Wolfenstein… lets see how it did imo

So I will break this review into a few parts to get my point across. Scoring from 1-5, 5 being Epic 1 Being Horrible.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story
  3. Presentation
  4. Randomness (Yes… Randomness)

Gameplay: 3

Ok lets be real its a first person shooter… The game had its great points but overall it felt real basic imo for a first person shooter. You had moments in the game where it felt crazy and overwhelming so you had to run around with the timing… but overall it felt basic. The guns had a nice kick to it at times but the whole dual wielding 2 assault rifles didnt really get to me… felt so “fake” Another part that I found a bit off yet highly annoying was the items. SO many things to pick up off the floor at times having to look down and throwing me off. Didn’t feel all that great. Felt like I was cleaning a room everytime I cleared it out and needed some ammo.. a real chore to get ammo and gear.




The story is something I can deal with, it did pretty decent and you even get yourself a little rival at some point but it had a classic feel to it. The story was a bit basic but still with a twist going back in time and having it that the Nazi’s took over the world and how it would be as far as them in control. It was amusing in one scene where you make a game changing decision and it somewhat effects how the story goes in some occasions in the game but in all honesty the games story wasn’t bad it had its ups and downs, in the beginning it takes a bit to actually get into it but once the story actually kicks in… you will start feeling like you need to keep going to see what happens next.




The game look great but a bit shotty at the same time. I felt they could have done better with the graphics overall to get the game going. The actual storyline was tied in perfectly imo. As far as the shooting it just seem to get things going but not all that great…. It was pretty much put together in some randomness that we have called Wolfenstein… i do give them credit for dropping a little easter egg with the old wolfenstein gameplay. That really got things on an interesting level the moment your fighting through some 8 bit dungeon =O



Randomness: 2

Nothing really blew my socks off with this game. I mean I knew what to expect on every corner when it came to the game… a basic shooter… with random nazi’s and some crazy look robots to take out but really nothing out of the ordinary. To me this was a pretty basic game. Is it worth the 59.99? Maybe if your a fan of the series. I love Wolfenstein and didn’t mind spending the cash on it but for a casual gamer I don’t think this qualifies as the 59.99 game. The story delivered yet the gameplay didn’t.




Conclusion: Meh? aka 3

So overall the game lacked in the area for gameplay. Story wise it was pretty decent yet not quite. As far as presentation I honestly don’t kno where to go with it, looked great and played great yet felt obscenely basic. Wish they could have done more and hopefully we see something new from them on the line of this game with a better presentation…



Battlefield Hardline First Impressions (Beta)

So the day they announced that we would get the BFH Beta on PS4 and PC, I flipped. I was already excited at the fact that we would be able to play a different type of scenario of Battlefield instead of all this war mayhem.


This game started up pretty good aside from the fact that I couldn’t connect my facebook to it but it is what it is.. life will go on. I started the multi player and had some fun with it. Remember the times you would play the old battlefields and spawn on a random vehicle? Well same concept here with a police station and into a squad car with people sticking out the windows shooting the bad guys. The guns overall for Sniper aka the Professional did some actual justice. The Sniper rifle I had and the tec 9 I fell in love with in a heart beat. Keep in mind that this is a beta and things will get a bit glitchy… here is some footage from one of the games I played… Ignore my bad language and my conversations lol! Watch from beginning to end lol the end with the destruction was a bit crazy….

Overall the game is pretty decent. Got a few bugs but it is beta and hopefully they will fix these up before dropping the game on us later this year. The idea and concept is great imo and seems like a lot of fun to be had with game modes like heist.


More on E3

Hello everyone, So like I said earlier before It feels that E3 felt a bit dry on the game releases and what is really coming out this year to the next year but still a piece inside me feels a bit excited for the games coming our way.

(Source: Gamespot)

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Wii U

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360



So what games are you really excited for? Games with that co op fun is what I am really looking forward to. Love playing games especially with my friends and my fiance. Actually sometime by fall I will have to get my fiance a PS4 with the announcement of GTA 5 on PS4 lol. GTA5 was one of the announcements that made us happy….. Dead Island 2 was another one because I really thought the first Dead Island was pretty decent and interesting. Playing with my friends on that game was alot of fun. The major 2 that I really look forward to is Destiny and Assassin’s Creed Unity. I really didn’t care for Assassin’s Creed new game at first… just another game I would pick up and finish it up because I love the Assassin’s Creed series but with the fact that they put out Co-Op into the gameplay with 4 assassins at once…. Its too epic lol

As far as the solo type games such as Batman Arkham Knight and all the goodies they have shown us at E3. I really can’t wait for some of these games. To actually play them on next gen also will also be great. I mean I love my PS3 but I really wanted to get some use out of my PS4. I even quit playing WOW because of PS4. Started getting all my games together and got my collection going. Finished up Watchdogs and Wolfenstein… which reminds me I gotta get that review up… so much randomness with E3 happening.


My thoughts on E3

Lets be honest… I was excited to see alot of the games they announced almost most sounded like remakes and now I got some release dates to the other games that are coming out. Between XBOX and PS people are arguing which was the better showing. Obviously to me its all up on opinion for that one. I really felt that both came up dry. Nothing really epic was thrown at us. XBOX had Crackdown announced and that was great. GTA 5 for PS4? and no XBOX that sounds crazy. Battlefield Hardline announced a couple of weeks ago is now in beta on PS4 and PC.


I actually have a friend who is really trying to find a reason to buy next gen and as I review what was said in the conference for Xbox or Playstation… I really felt that upgrading next gen is pointless til 2015. Most of what was announced was remakes here and there. With GTA and The Last of us…. some release dates for Destiny Beta and 1886 Release dates But overall…this E3 really felt dry on both sides.

The hype build up in gaming

It all starts out with the announcement of a game being release. Somewhere some how they will tell you a new game is up in the air, being developed right now as we speak. They hit us with some screenshots or a trailer that shows absolutely nothing to do with game. Leaving it all up to imagination. This is where it all begins.


With destiny we got the announcement sometime ago last year if I’m not mistaken. They called it many things from MMO RPG shooter. To the next best game that will define gaming because of the people involved with the project. Also we heard that they are dropping 500 million onto this game to get it up in the air and around the world. So expect some commercial in the middle of your Saturday morning cartoons. This game is receiving a lot of attention and most of it is because of us. We all just want the game to drop and we feel that it needs to be now. Everything in your little gaming closet seems to be pointless to play because this is the one game you want to get your hands on.


Destiny can be one of those games that gets a lot of the hype on a random spree but Call of Duty… This game gets all of the hype and hate all at the same time. My group of friends and I who usually would play out the old COD’s would be apart of the hype and hate group. My first was actual COD that I got to play with my friends was COD4 Modern Warfare. This game was everything for me. From modern guns to tons of fun with my friends and taking out the trash talkers from time to time. Over the time the hype was a bit dried up. We all got excited for the next COD MW2. I didn’t even sleep when the game was to come out the next morning at a mom and pops shop I use to go to for all my gaming needs. Came out a week earlier and the guy told me that it would be out that morning. We also starting getting thrown around with the Treyarch of things like Black Ops series. After sometime maybe around MW3 the game was just the same thing over and over… even with Black Ops 2 it just didn’t seem like something you would get hype for because the time for the series has run for so long its not even worth getting crazy about. They had announced Advanced Warfare and from a group of friends that I had for COD… Now it’s just me and maybe 2 people who say ” Oh… ok i might pre order that just because”


Some games get away with the hype so hard and I want to say this one was one that put itself on the hype map really hard. It was announced to come out for next gen consoles when they launched. Everyone started to pre order the game and loved the way it looked and had a new concept in a sense. Then something tragic happens. It got severely delayed. Rumors flying for summer maybe june or late may. From the hype we had for the next gen randomness… we got nothing out of it. towards march and april the hype was building up again for a lot of people. Even the day of the launch for Watchdogs I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Hearing people getting their copies 4 days earlier made me all antsy to get this game in my hands so I can play but when I did… I played a good hour of it and went to bed. The moral of my randomness for this hypeness… The hype goes away quick once you get that game. Most games I’ve played over the time tend to have this insane effect of the hype and leave you questioning yourself over how much you just paid for a game. Its rare for a person not to question the 59.99 price tag. At some point I remember with MW2 we didn’t bother because at that time it was a real fun multiplayer experience. Games like Watchdogs or Borderlands 2 and even  GTA 5 has got so much hype factor put into it but left you feeling like it could have been a whole lot better. Especially when some of these games are incomplete it really takes a toll on the hype. IE GTA 5 without heist mode yet its almost been a year since release or EA with Battlefield4 save bugs that killed it for a lot of people to actually play out the story mode. So hopefully these recent delays are to make these games that we really love and have all this hype build up for…actually be worth it. 2015 is looking good guys 🙂

My top 5 most anticipated games

Ok lets be real, This year is the “Year of the Delay” Happens every 37 years…. delays across the board for selected items…. lol idk great way to start eh? But yes this year has been nothing but delay after delay it even started up back when the next gen consoles busted out the box. So this little top 5 will be a top 5 overall and not this year because I have a bad feeling that the current games that already got delayed will be joined by others. So starting out with number 5….


5. Call of Duty: Advance Warfare:

This is one title no matter how retarded or well so done over and repetitive the series might seem… I will always wind up getting, Why? because overall you can’t sit there and say that call of duty doesn’t have a competitive player base. Especially now with clans building up from Ghost hopefully will carry over in some way shape or form for the new COD… I use to play alot of Counter Strike back in my ghetto pc days and I gotta say COD comes pretty close to the point where the competition is at for quick pace randomness. Storylines are always dry imo of the game but they do have their moments of shear epicness happening.


4. Evolve:

This one is a big iffy. I love co op gaming its my favorite overall. I love being able to get with a couple of friends and tackling missions or quest together, finishing up campaigns from games like Mercenaries 2 or Halo’s randomness.. Army of 2 was another one. Games of that nature are really excited because its really not about the competition in a sense even though I am very competitive at nature but the whole working together to get something done feels a bit rewarding when you share it with others. This game right here def goes in on that to a crazy extent…. 4 players together to bring a monster down…. they gotta work together and make this work because the monster is actually controlled by an actual player. This indeed will be intriguing to play.


3. Battlefield: Hardline:

I am a huge fan of the battlefield series and love how they can actually stray away from the common cold called Warfare. Some people honestly get tired of war… reenactments of war… future war…  We have been through it all with the titans BF and COD. This time Battlefield took a turn and is it for the worse or for better? Cops and Robbers… stopping hostage situations and bank heist…. Erm Yea count me it =O


2. Batman: Arkham Knight

I gotta say the batman games are by far the best superhero games we got at this point. Wolverine almost had one but eh it was iffy. This game really needs much explanation as to why this is on the list… as most of you know I love batman and anything batman. I mean i paid 200 dollars one day for a joker costume and apparently it was a hit at a party in the bronx…  Taking pictures with everyone and people I didn’t know… way to feel like a celeb for one day. Also.. I heard you get to drive the batmobile…


1. Destiny

This game is huge right now… 500 million in Destiny’s wallet to do what they need to do to become big. Also this is huge on co op in a sense like borderlands was. But this  might prove to be a whole lot better in any case. This game has it all from the CO OP i think up to 4 in a party… to moments when everyone has to come together into one battle and you got i think up to 8 or more… I don’t remember… gotta look up the details… I just kno this game looks like it will be great 🙂


The PC Master Race… ooo *trembles*

Well this will be short and sweet


For a few years now on every other game release I’ve seen the PC Master race is always there to talk the console wars down… Basically stating they trump all.  This one is a battle of the numbers so hear me out… first off lets get this straight. I am a gamer… Love gaming on Playstation… Xbox… and even PC.  If I can game on it… chances are I really like it lol. I’ve been going through numbers recently trying to figure out how PS4 and Xbox One are doing against each other and started to notice something a bit obscene….  Prob someone has already noticed it before and I never heard of it or what have you but yes… PC Numbers are ALWAYS LOW!


Now more or less I see why I see random sales for pc games here and there. PC isn’t doing to well in the gaming market nowadays with all the randomness that has been going on with consoles… it seems that consoles have really blown pc out of the water and all you can really hear are the people of the pc race still trying to strike fear into console gamers… I really tried to do some number crunching to figure it all out… and from what I got its rare that PC games sell over a million global. Why is it? I don’t know I dont have those answers but I honestly think that gaming is really ment for the consoles nowadays… Heres my stats so far from what I’ve collected and feel free to add on any games you want me to look up to see if PC actually did better… has to be a game that falls under atleast 2 out of the 3 and no… we are not inviting Wii or DS into this mix because gaming on that is a whole different turf imo. Lets focus on the factor …. is PC really the master race? Master race of what? Word and Excel? Home Offices? Work related areas? o.O I recall someone commenting saying how of course PC is the master race because 85% of people in the world own computers… but who really games on em? o.O I can assure you not all are ment for gaming… but then thats just how i see it. Heres my numbers

PC                PS3+4                    Xbox360+One

  •  CODMW2                   .83                   10.35                        13.22
  • Battlefield 3                  2.61                  6.87                        7.14
  • GTAIV                          .81                  10.11                        10.70     <– And they wonder what happen to gta5
  • Mass Effect                  .64                   —–                          2.83
  • ME2                              .36                  1.34                          3.03
  • ME3                              .89                   1.25                         2.88
  • Wolfenstein TNO          .11                       .33                         .19
  • COD Ghost                   .55                   10.2                       10.43
  • Battlefield 4                   .93                   4.54                        4.2
  • Titanfall                          .26                  ——                       2.57


These are some of the ones i managed to snag up some numbers so if you have any games to add onto the mix lemme know and I will try to sort that out… i tried to look up some old games and even compare them with the new games that have high numbers and set some marks in sales….  knowing that COD usually takes charge in these things but then we always knew that fps are better on pc… but it doesn’t seem to be… by looking at these numbers… so yea… little food for thought… I think Consoles are doing great at what they are ment to do… PC Master Race? I don’t think so… Your just a PC… 🙂

Also apologize if the numbers are not aligned right .. =x tried to fix it and it failed oh well =x

Wolfenstein The New Order First Impressions

I wanted to write up something about this game before i went to bed tonight because this game proved to be that interesting. So here we go…


The beginning of the game was a bit bumpy because it honestly felt so basic. Which is good and bad at the same time. I was afraid that the story wouldn’t be interesting also being that I know nothing of the actual series.. A little history lesson for you guys about Wolfenstein:


“Castle Wolfenstein is a 2D adventure game released in 1981 for the Apple II, written by Silas Warner. One of the pioneers of the stealth game genre, it is a game of avoiding detection and managing limited resources while trying to escape from a Nazi stronghold. Combat was allowed, but bullets were precious, and non-violent options were often safer, such as pulling a gun on a guard and frisking him while his hands were raised. A sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, was published in 1984.[1]

Wolfenstein 3D, released in 1992, is a re-imagining of the Castle Wolfenstein scenario in first person with an emphasis on direct combat. Stealth and non-violent options are not present. Silas Warner, the designer of the original Apple II games, was not involved in the development. Wolfenstein 3D is important for popularizing the first person shooter and inventing many of the tropes that became standard in the genre.”  SOURCE :


So basically I find myself in a game fighting Nazi’s and heres the twist…. in this version of everything the nazi’s own the world at this point… crazy huh? the story even gets a bit crazy with how things progress from the battlefield and then your being helped out by an old lady and man… as far as the story goes its actually interesting and keeping me in my seat but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for my audience. The game play is pretty decent but at the same time its basic fps randomness… I notice that you get perks along the line and it helps out on the go. The enemies are somewhat basic at first when you get your regular foot soldiers running around trying to shoot at you.. sometimes they seem spaced out trying to find cover to get to you. Maybe in a higher difficulty it would actually be a bit challenging lol I faced off against a robot that which was crazy at first. Then later 2 huge robots… lol I really can’t wait to see what else they throw at me.


So overall the story is pretty good… the shooting is on point yet feels like a basic shooter. At times you can go around stealth or guns blazing coming out with the same basic result for that area. The guns for the most part feel great. Handguns look odd imo especially with the silencer attachment. Graphically the game looks nice and gets gory here and there. Heads blown off and robot dogs being stabbed to death are some of the randomness you will be going through. Also with in the first chapter you make a huge decision that might have some effect on the game… apparently the game separates into two timelines… depending what you do.  Wondering if I will have to play the game twice.. 2 endings? We shall see….