Walmart Rant: Love hate relationship…

Hey everyone Syniax here again with a random rant and yes it is gaming related in a way. Walmart is usually my go to place if not usually I would go to gamestop but with the time tables given to me I end up at Walmart. I’m glad that the light has shown me to walmart but its only effective at certain times.


From time to time I drop by to check out whats in stock for games and take note and also go online to use their price match option on games. Multiple times I’ve been able to save 10-20 dollars on current gen games and even popular titles like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty. This is my love portion of that relationship for the most part. Cheap games and its just around the corner.


Now my hate part of this relationship is when they think they are slick about certain things when it comes to either price matching or even the availability of the games I am searching for. The way this works is lets say for example I was searching for Dark Souls 2 for PS4 today. Found it online for 29.99 and was ready to go price match them and get this game tonight. I searched in 3 Walmarts I usually go to from time to time… 2 of em I’m basically at all the time. Those 2 had Dark Souls full to the rim when it came down to the PS4¬†section. ¬†Within 2 days those games just happen to vanish from all 3 locations and no where in a 100 mile radius. The funny part is they won’t tell you what exactly happens to them. They come up with some bs lie on how they happen to sell quick for some reason… or just tell you that they don’t have any more and never go to the back to check… what they got out in the front is what they got..

Now I’m face with the decision… should I just buy it online or just go to gamestop and buy the game for the same price as walmart + shipping and handling… I suggest the gamestop method at this rate. Atleast I get points and better customer service then the walmart….

End Rant.

Syniax out.